More News on the Mandalorian Invasion at Entertainment Earth

Adam Pawlus who writes for Galactic Hunter and also works at Entertainment Earth has given some more information about the two packs of seven figures (14 in total) which will be available later this year.

First off, these figures will NOT all be Mandalorians as we first thought.

Read on for what Adam had to say in his weekly Q&A session on Galactic Hunter…

Here’s what you need to know right now: it’s not all Mandalorians, it has 14 action figures in the set (which is two boxed sets of seven that do not have the same exact identical molds spread over the two sets, but that doesn’t mean a mold will or won’t be reused anywhere, or does it?), the average cost per figure is $4.785 (before shipping), and I find the whole set very exciting. If you have never heard of Llats Ward before, you’re in good company. (I wrote the Wookieepedia page using information from Awesome Inside Sources.) Unless it’s going to appear elsewhere and nobody sent me the memo, this was a character created just to be a toy. Which is pretty cool in my book as very, very few original characters in Star Wars started out as action figures. Oh, I also ramble about the Celebration IV exclusives in the podcast. (Thanks for the hookup, Shannon!) The podcast used to be the 16bit Podcast, but I kinda do it on the company clock now so they get the branding. (Such is the way of the middle-class sell-out.)

SOURCEGalactic Hunter
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