There’s few things more fun than tucking in to some Star Wars styled sweets. Chocolate, candy, jelly beans, whatever the flavour or brand it’s another way of showing your love and devotion to the galaxy far, far away.

That said, this particular brand of sweets would be more at home in an episode of Breaking Bad. Meth-laced lollipops? Read on….

Almost a million dollars worth of meth-laced sweets and lollipops have been seized from a Texas home in a raid that revealed 600lbs of candies in the form of, among others, R2-D2 and Yoda.

Evonne Mick and David Salinas were arrested after reports of a break in led to Harris County police investigating the disturbance.

Tipped off that the property was the home of an alleged meth dealer in the Houston area, officers pursued the couple as they attempted to flee, an action that was ultimately unsuccessful.