Mark Hamill Supports Fifth Grader Against Bullies

Mark Hamill has come out in support of Aiden Vazquez, a 10 year old fifth grader in California, who refused to fight back against bullies because it wasn’t the Jedi way.

A fifth grader ended up in the hospital after he refused to fight back against bullies, saying it was not the Jedi way.

Aiden Vazquez, 10, said he was punched in the face, called names, and that another student even took his backpack on Monday at school. He had to get several stitches to close a cut on his eyebrow.

When Aiden’s mom, Lizette Casanova, asked him why he didn’t defend himself, he cited “Star Wars” in his explanation. “I told my mom, I got it from “Star Wars,” that it’s not the Jedi way,” he told KMIR.

This is what Hamill said on Twitter….

Since then many other celebrities have also got behind the 10 year old. May the Force be with you Aiden!

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