Lucasfilm Files Subpeona To Find Person Who Posted Leaked The Force Awakens Image

    You may want to seriously think twice about posting any leaked The Force Awakens photos/concept artwork online that come into your possession after reading this. A report on Courthouse News Service states that Lucasfilm has filed a subpoena request against the popular image-hosting website ImageShack in an attempt to track down the user “Darth_Simi” for posting a leaked image of a character from Episode VII back on October 29, 2014.

    We will not post the image in question as per our agreement with Lucasfilm, so if you want to check it out, you will need to do a search on ImageShack for photos posted under that user account. With all the leaked photos/concept art that have hit the web over the past several months, chances are you may have already seen the image that this court filing is referring to. 

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    SOURCECourthouse News Service
    Justin LaSalata
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