LEGO Star Wars Miniland: the Bricktistics Episode III

    Our friends over at LEGOLAND Windsor have passed along some awesome Bricktistics about the new LEGO Star Wars Miniland attraction, enjoy this last set of fascinating LEGO facts.

    Episode IV: A New Hope™ – Tatooine
    • A world-first, the Millennium Falcon takes off! Controlled by a pulley and counter balance system the Millennium Falcon takes 40 seconds from take off to landing.
    • 126 models, 1,098 man hours weighing 130kg – the heaviest of all the scenes.

    Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back™ – Hoth
    • 81 models, 1,210 man hours, 129kg.

    Episode VI: Return of the Jedi™ – Endor
    • The Shield Generator took 220 hours alone to build and weigh in at 72kg – one of the heaviest models in the attraction.
    • Each tree in this scene took 3 days to create – and are molded from a real oak tree.
    • 83 models, 941 man hours and 152kg.

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ – Christophsis
    • The largest model in the attraction, the Crystal Building can be found here alongside 70 Battle Droids, 40 Super Battle Droids and 50 Clone Troopers. • 196 models, 99 man hours and 158kg.

    It’s not long now until there will finally be a permanent Star Wars attraction here in the UK…

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