LEGO 2013 Rumour List

    It’s the time of year when we listen to the whisperings in the force to see what Star Wars sets LEGO may be releasing next January. The following list is a rumour list, and we will have to wait until an official announcement to know exactly which sets on the list turn out to be accurate.

    Planets Series Three:
    Kamino with Astromech Droid and Jedi Starfighter
    Coruscant with Clone Pilot and Republic Assault Striker
    Asteroid with TIE Bomber and TIE Pilot

    Regular sets:
    The Old Republic Battle Pack
    Clone Troopers vs Droidekas Battle Pack
    A-Wing including Admiral Ackbar, Han Solo and an A-Wing Pilot
    AT-RT including Yoda, Clone Trooper and Assassin Droid
    Z-95 Headhunter including three Clone Troopers
    The Rancor Pit (as revealed at Comic Con)

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