Legacy Comic Series Cancelled?


The latest release on Dark Horse’s upcoming schedule includes Legacy #50…

The final issue of Star Wars: Legacy!

With no official announcement there’s been much speculation, with only two seemingly contradictory comments from the creators. Writer John Ostrander said in September of last year that Legacy would not end with #50, but said yesterday…

It was true when I said it.
And might still be. . .from a certain point of view. Wink
— John

…suggesting that the series could continue under a new banner? However Jan Duursema, the series artist, said on her Facebook page…

I guess the best way to let DH know you love Legacy is to tell them on the DH boards. Who knows, if they see enough love they might let us do some more Legacy.

We’re waiting to hear something official, but if fans of the series want to take Jan’s advice the official Dark Horse Message Board can be found here.

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