Legacy Cancellation Confirmed

After last week’s unexpected revelation that Dark Horse’s Legacy comic series will end with #50, editor Randy Stradley has made an official announcement

Thank you to all of you who have waited patiently for confirmation on our plans for Legacy. Those of you who have been less than patient also have my thanks for your interest and concerns. Hopefully, after this announcement, you will stop sending me requests to join your “Save Legacy” groups on Facebook. Wink

Legacy, as you know it, will end in July with issue #50. But we had not planned to let you know that yet, and certainly had not planned to announce that ending in the manner in which we did. Chalk it up to internal miscommunications, for which I take full responsibility. I’m confident I would have caught the mistake before the solicitation information was released if I hadn’t been at Wonder-Con in San Francisco at the time. But I was, and the end of the series was announced in a less than favorable manner. Live and learn.

Suffice to say, we’re not thrilled about having to end the series, and I would be remiss if I did not assure you that the decision in no way reflects on the efforts of the regular creative team of John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons, Brad Anderson, and Michael Heisler, nor on the work of any of the other talented artists whose work has graced the pages of the book over these past four years. John, Jan, and the others are not, by any means, out of work.

No door closes without another opening, and to those longtime readers who pointed out that it was not likely that I would end Legacy without having some replacement planned, I thank you for your confidence. Trust me, it will be rewarded.

I am not going to compound the mistake of the early announcement of Legacy‘s end by rushing to tell you what is coming next. That information will be revealed in the fullness of time. So, take heart, and feel free to speculate on what the future holds. Just don’t get too invested in your speculations because, I guarantee, you wont guess what’s coming next.

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