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There are ideas which I also suggest you go for on the main site for the campaign, “Stop Darth Weinstein” at this address;
I do urge, however, all communication be polite. We need to persuade people to our point of view, and not irritate them/or hurl abuse at them.

Add the MySpace profile to your friends list;

And finally, should all of this fail and the watered-down version is released, please don’t go and see it. We need to send a message to the Weinstein Company that we expect fully rounded films from them – as they have released so many times in the past. And we won’t accept comedies with no genuine story or heart, be Star Wars the subject matter or not.

So how off kilter am I with this? Should we all just stop bleating and trust the Weinsteins to make a great movie? Or is this one worth fighting for? Join in the discussion at the Jedi News message board.

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