Jedi News Comic Review: Darth Vader #3

    BOOK 2, PART 3


    Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Empire. After the destruction of THE DEATH STAR, the disgraced Sith Lord, DARTH VADER, has been demoted by his Master only to have his congtrol taken by Grand General Tagge. And when Vader discovered that a mole has been leaking information to pirate raiders, it was made clear to him that no person can be trusted.

    Unknown to Emperor Palpatine and Tagge, however, Vader is also quietly pursuing his own interests: the mysterious Force-strong pilot who destroyed the Death Star and the identity of the stranger who is conspiring with the Emperor.

    But for this he will need his own personal, secret forces….

    The Review

    What a turnaround! In Darth Vader 3, we meet Aphra, a spunky rogue archeologist who is just the person that Darth Vader needs to create his own personal army.

    Seeing Clone Wars-era battle droids in new canon gives me mixed feelings. Sure, it’s always nice to see a bridge from the prequel to original trilogy; yet I kind of wanted a true finality when Sidious said in Episode III, “All droid units must shut down.” Like the Jedi, they are part of a bygone era, and seeing presumably upgraded super battle droids, does not mesh with that vision.

    The dialogue has gotten light-years better. Vaders portrayed as mysterious, menacing and emotionless (exactly like he’s supposed to be), and Aphra calling Vader ‘Mr.’ and ‘Sir Vader’ had me laughing out loud. She is certainly ballsy to be so flippant with Vader, and must really be talented if Vader is relying so heavily on her.

    As for the story; it’s finally sparked my interest. Vader can’t rely on the Empire to discover what he wants. He needs loyal non-thinking soldiers to do his dirty work. He needs something he’s always valued: droids. Therefore he must head to Geonosis. This is another “pleasant” trip down memory lane, as that is the place were the first bit of humanity was cut away (literally), and where his love that was doomed to tragedy, truly began.

    The Story

    All in all, this was a fantastic issue. The story moves fluidly and sets up everything for the next issue. Vader’s journey to Geonosis is very much anticipated for me as a reader, and I wonder what surprises await Vader on that world. Will he have haunting visions? Blasts from the past? A stroll through the Petranki Arena? Its all up in the air!

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    Max Nocerino
    Max writes reviews on both canon and non-canon comic books and also reviews the short stories in Star Wars Insider. He has interviewed such authors such as Kevin Hearne and Jason Fry.