Jedi News Comic Review: Darth Vader #15



    It is a period of unrest. Darth Vader has tracked his son, the rebel pilot Luke Skywalker, to the planet Vrogas Vas. The pair crash-landed, only to be stranded planetside and faced with new enemies.

    After Han and Chewie rescued Luke from Dr.Aphra’s hold, they now find themselves locked in a dangerous and deadly battle with Wookiee warrior Black Krrsantan.

    Meanwhile Luke has gone to find Princess Leia, who had ordered all rebel forces to strike on Darth Vader’s location. However, Luke soon found himself captured by Imperial forces led by the Mon Calamari cyborg, Commander Karbin, who had tracked the Sith Lord to the planet to end both Vader and the Rebels in one fell swoop…

    The Review

    Darth Vader 15 was an excellent end to a great arc. I was originally very nervous, that they would have Vader and Luke fight again, but they preserved and respected Empire Strikes Back, by having the two conveniently miss each other.

    Seeing Vader and Karbin’s lightsaber duel is the closest (as far as I know) of getting a Vader vs Grievous fight, as Karbin is a Mon Cal version of him. Karbin has 2 blue lightsabers, a green one and a purple one which I felt was a nice artistic nod to the original trilogy as the duel showed all the colors that appeared in the movies.

    Line worked out well in the end, and seeing Vader bring down an Imperial shuttle with the Force, is a final reminder of how powerful Vader is (Kylo Ren has nothing on him!) and we get to see Aphra make up for her previous failings.

    Now that Aphra is a prisoner of the Rebels, we set up an interesting arc for the Rebel Jail, which starts in February. I know that I’m definitely excited, and this comic ties up all the loose ends of the arc nicely. I give this comic 4 ½ out of 5 Death Stars.

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    Max Nocerino
    Max writes reviews on both canon and non-canon comic books and also reviews the short stories in Star Wars Insider. He has interviewed such authors such as Kevin Hearne and Jason Fry.