Jedi News Book Review – Star Wars: The Clone Wars – New Battlefronts – A Visual Guide

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – New Battlefronts – A Visual Guide is the third visual guide based on The Clone Wars TV show and movie, and Jason Fry delivers a stylish book that sheds light on many of the characters, events, locations and technologies seen throughout the second season of the critically-acclaimed series.

Following closely to the episode order of season two, the book opens with a brief re-cap of the main characters and events, describing the Galaxy of Peril and Jedi at War.  From then on, each two page spread is dedicated to the main protagonists and antagonists of both individual episodes and story arcs, supplying the reader with points of interest that further enhance the content shown on screen.  Among other things, we learn about the components that comprise Cad Bane’s Anti-Jedi Kit, the renegade Clone, Cut Lawquane, and the new life that he has established on Saleucami,as well as the four mercenaries – Sugi, Embo, Rumi Paramita and Seripas – who demonstrate that they are driven by more than just a love of money.


In addition to characters, the book also features the stories told throughout the series, such as the events on Geonosis, with the Jedi facing off against Karina the Great and her hordes of undead drones and the three episode Mandalore story arc.  Rounding-out the book, the 2-part and 3-part stories featuring the Zillo Beast and a young Boba Fett respectively, are reversed, with an image of the giant reptile from Malastare rampaging through Coruscant, also adorning the inside front and back covers.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars – New Battlefronts – A Visual Guide works well in enriching the episodes with pertinent information and provides some great images that perfectly capture the excitement seen on screen.

Another fine addition to your ever-expanding Star Wars library!

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