Jedi Master SQL Discusses: The Clone Wars And The Spin-Offs

    We are all looking forward greatly to the return of The Clone Wars for it’s finale episodes that will bring to a close the amazing stories of the galaxy’s largest conflict and today our chat with Jedi Master SQL concludes as we discuss those episodes as well as the spin off movies.

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    JN: What can you tell us about the future of the Clone Wars?

    SQL: I understand that there are 10 full episodes to be aired. They are very much stand alone, and disjointed, non-sequential episodes. Apparently of VERY high standards, and fans of the Clone Wars will be delighted. I have not seen them myself.

    The original plan was for digital distribution of these episodes through an iOS app as I previously reported. By all accounts, a cancelled or delayed Apple product that was due to launch in October has put pay to that idea.

    There is a big plan for making an online digital distribution model for Star Wars content in 2014 but this too seems to be delayed (but not by too much). My understanding was this was all part of the app but was to be made online based too. Video’s, TV episodes, films, books, comics, and online web content under one roof.

    As a result, the latest information I have is that Clone Wars will be used as a lead in to Rebels, with the 10 episodes starting in Spring, with the best of Clone Wars completing the summer season until Rebels launches in Autumn next year with a MASSIVE fanfair. All on Disney XD.

    JN: Whats happening with the Spin Off / Origin movies?

    SQL: Silence really is not golden for Star Wars fans is it? In all seriousness there is still a massive commitment and development drive on these films. That said, it is clear in everyone’s mind that there is less of a need to follow a harsh development cycle as was first mooted. Episode Seven is the priority for EVERYONE and EVERY department. Nothing detracts from delivering the best quality new trilogy.

    Simon Kinberg is a creative genius, and his role in shaping the future of Star Wars is greatly under reported and acknowdleged. The concept for his spin off is for me wonderful, and I cant wait to see it. I just don’t know when that will be. Based on my understanding, I find it difficult to see how it can be delivered for 2016. Having now said that, they will probably announce the director and producer next week! In fact they would need to be announcing those roles realistically by February 2014 for a 2016 release I would hasten to add.

    JN: Xmas is just around the corner, is there anything Jedi Master SQL wants under the tree on Xmas morning?

    SQL: Well Mrs SQL and I have settled on Benedict Cumberbatch, but for very different reasons…I am confident that one of us will see that wish come true!

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