Daily Mail have posted an article about the soon-to-be-released Star Wars: 1313 and whether or not it will indeed be the first Star Wars next gen title.

From the look of Star Wars 1313, although platforms are still to be confirmed, it’s looking suspiciously likely that it’s destined for the next generation.

Phenomenal graphics, cut-scenes blending seamlessly into gameplay and the most life-like gaming we’ve seen; 1313 gives just a taste of what’s potentially in store from next-gen consoles.

The engine room behind the game’s impressive visuals is the Unreal Engine 4, already looking far more impressive than the Unreal Engine 3, which powers such games as Batman: Arkham City and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Reports from last year’s Gamescom and E3 were that the game was running on a very high-powered PC, although technical specifications have not been released.

The game is set in the dark underworld of Coruscant and will be aimed at a more adult gamer as it is confirmed to have an 18+ rating. There is still no news, though, if this game will feature blood – the series well known for its lack of gore.

In a twist to other Star Wars games gamers won’t be a Jedi and use the force, instead gamers will fight it out like us lesser mortals do with futuristic guns and a unique skill set.

But what will next-gen consoles have in store for us?

This year will hopefully be year of answers for those whetting their appetites at the prospect of two new consoles coming our way.

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