We have all waited, and waited for the next Star Wars Battlefront, with 2015 looking likely as the year we will finally see it – as the IP is rebooted under EAs leadership. A ten year wait for hardcore gamers has been hard to take – but EA are already planning their version of Battlefront’s sequels before the first EA sequel drops – which bodes well for fans of the Star Wars shooter.

In a wide ranging interview with computerandvideogames.com the head of EA Labels, Frank Gibeau, gives us an insight into how EA plan to use the Battlefront shooter in their ongoing strategy.

“You’ve taken Medal of Honor out of rotation, so are you not going to even challenge Activision in the years between Battlefields? The shooter rotation we think about now is Battlefield, Titanfall and Battlefront, and so we like those three brands going forward. We’re working out how we’re going to line that up because that’s what you’ll see from us.

With regards to Medal of Honor, you try things in entertainment and if they don’t work you try something else. From our perspective, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Premium continues to grow.”

This will effectively mean a new Star Wars Battlefront every 24 to 30 months as the rotation cycles of the three franchises kick in. If EA are seeking a Battlefront release in line with Episode 7, then it is safe to assume they will want the sequels to coincide with Episode 8 and 9 too.

Frank Gilbeau, went onto confirm more Star Wars games are in the works, as we all expected:

It was interesting to hear your remarks last year about EA working on five new next-gen IPs – how are those projects coming along?

Yeah so we’ve now got half a dozen in development. We’ve announced a couple of them, Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront, but we’ve also added some as well. The last time I spoke about this we hadn’t done the Star Wars deal, so there’s those games too.

In further exciting news for Star Wars gamers, EA’s games label head Patrick Soderlund is quoted by http://www.polygon.com/2013/8/21/4645312/star-wars-battlefront-dice polygon.com as saying that “The most important thing for me is that we take the Star Wars license and come up with games where peoples’ jaws drop,” he said. “We need to do with this what [Batman: Arkham Asylum] did for the Batman license.” adding that they have access to all of Lucasfilm’s IP, and game history “We didn’t toss anything out,” he said. “We’re looking at the old games. We have access to everything that was done during the LucasArts era. But we do want to take our own stance.”

Perhaps Star Wars 1313 can still live?

Brian is an obsessive collector of Star Wars books, comics, and magazines. With a collection extending into the tens of thousands, he is obsessed by variants, and the more obscure a publication the better! Brian is the Literature Editor for Jedi News, and host of the podcast Take Cover on the Jedi News Network.

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