Hasbro Q&A – The Answers (Week 52 – Jedi News Week 14)

You asked the questions (were yours chosen?) and here’s the answers to the 14th  batch of questions and our sixth batch for 2008.  Thanks to Hasbro for giving the UK fans a chance to get their voices heard and their questions answered here at Jedi News, the UK’s premiere Star Wars fan site.

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Hasbro’s brand team also had something to say with regards the Q&A…

Star Wars Q&A on StarWars.Hasbro.com:
As part of our efforts to continue to make starwars.hasbro.com an informational destination and to get the best information out there for collectors, we are plannning to repost the entire Q&A to starwars.hasbro.com one week after we have distributed responses back to collector sites, as a cross-web archive.  We think this will give sites ample time to break any Q&A news to their own fans, and, at the same time, give more casual fans coming to starwars.hasbro.com exposure to all of the sites asking questions so they can visit those communities if they choose.

Read on for the Questions and Answers…

1. Is there any more information on the “1st Day of Issue” variants that were revealed at Toy Fair and will these be available in the UK?  Is the difference between these and regular figures just the “1st Day of Issue” sticker or is there more to it?  Finally, on the same subject, is this the equivalent of the foil carded UGH figures from the previous two years?

The “1st Day of Issue” foil variants will be like the UGHs in prior years in that they will be a special hunt variation that is differentiated by packaging only.  This includes a sticker and foil version of the logo.

The difference in timing is that this year, these variants will be available only during first shipment of product to support our 7/26 launch, so literally collectors will want to try and get to retail that very first day or week.  Segments that will have a 1st Day of Issue version will be the Clone Wars basic figures and Legacy/Droid Factory only.  Some other segments will have foil logos for a while (including the new Titanium and Evolutions) but these will not be variants but the main issue of those lines, and these will not officially be part of the 1st Day of Issue special run.

2. What’s the possibility of releasing replacement weapon/accessory packs for the 3¾” figures since these are the first items that go missing?

We hear you, and have decided to include special weapons packs as a plus-up feature in the new Saga Legends line coming this Fall.  As the other basic figure lines have added value features (launching weapons in Clone Wars, and Droid parts in Legacy/Droid Factory), this was a great way to round out the Saga Legends line.  Each cardboard weapons locker (similar to the little box that houses the relic in the Indiana Jones line) will have 5 clone weapons – the same weapons in every single Saga Legends figure.

3. Have Hasbro thought about setting up an official website that allows collectors to tick off their collection against everything ever released (including variants)?  StarWars.com and others have tried this before but it’s not been up-to-date for a while now and doesn’t necessarily include variants – you’re obviously best placed to do this.

That is a pretty big task and right now, well beyond our abilities to devote the time and attention to go backward and cover past years.  We will take a look at this for the current year and going forward – however, we think that the existing fansites remain the best way to get a comprehensive view of the recent past.

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