Happy Chanukah – Time to Play Droidel

Tonight is the first of eight nights of Chanukah (the Jewish Festival of Lights).

We’d like to wish all our Jewish readers a Happy Chanukah.

This from StarWars.com…

It’s holiday time which means Jewish fans from around the world are celebrating Chanukah which includes playing the traditional game of dreidel. The Yiddish word dreidel is derived from the German word drehen meaning “turn.” The Hebrew word for dreidel is s’vivon. A dreidel is a four-sided top with a symbol on each side. Each symbol represents a word which put together say in Hebrew “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham” it translates as “A Great Miracle Happened There.” (However, in Israel the letters on a dreidel are changed to stand for “A Great Miracle Happened Here.”)

Some religious scholars believe that the dreidel game originated during the times of the Greek-Syrians, and is closely connected to the Chanukah holiday. Because the ruling Greek-Syrians outlawed Jews from learning the Torah, the Jews needed a way to hide their studies. The dreidel became a clever decoy. When Jewish students saw the Greek-Syrians coming, they would hide their books and play with dreidels instead, which tricked the Syrians into thinking they were just playing a harmless game.

In this Star Wars variation, the dreidel and the droid R2-D2 combine to make Droidel! Print out the PDF and follow these instructions to construct your very own paper Droidel.

SOURCEStarWars.com - Driodel
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