Gentle Giant Premier Guild Membership Gifts

The 2007 Premier Guild Gifts have just started shipping and Gentle Giant have also announced what the gift for 2008 will be… a Star Wars Clone Trooper Lieutenant Classics Bust!

In the meantime the first batch of 2007 Gifts have started shipping and the contents have been revealed: –

  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Clone Trooper Sergeant Bust-Up. The Premier Guild Membership gift is the only place these will be deployed – phew!
  • Simpsons Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp Bust-Ups Assortment. Never before sold to the public, this set not only includes the 3 original members, Homer, Barney and Otto, but introduces Apu and Wiggum to the jam session.
  • Simpsons Killer Krusty Bust-Up
  • Official Gentle Giant Premier Guild Mouse Pad.
  • Gentle Giant Messenger Bag and Gentle Giant Premier Guild Dog Tag

Let the discussions begin – I’m sure some people will still not be satisfied?!?

SOURCEGentle Giant
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