Foodles: The Sequel

    Back in July 2013 Matt Booker broke the news that production work had started on Star Wars Episode VII under the production name of Foodles Productions (UK) Limited.

    Our own detective work into the production saw us garner headlines around the world, and even in financial publications such as the Business Insider.

    Today we will bring you the production names of two new Star Wars projects – and allow you the chance to speculate on what the origins of, and meaning of, the names could possibly be.

    LFL Productions Ltd (Company Number 03070592) – the UK arm of Lucasfilm since The Phantom Menace was filmed here back in 1997, and whose ultimate parent company is now The Walt Disney Company (#0005784) used to have one subsidiary company. Foodles Productions (UK) Limited (08463295). The name of the Episode VII production entity, as first revealed by Jedi News back in July 2013.

    It has now added two more subsidiaries:

    • LUNAK HEAVY INDUSTRIES (UK) LIMITED Company Number: 09162867
    • SPACE BEAR INDUSTRIES (UK) LIMITED Company Number: 09164691

    Public records proving this can be found across a number of UK business listing sites, but for your convenience here is a free to view listing on Company Check UK.

    Both companies were formed on the 6th August 2014 and the company directors are all individuals who’ve represented Lucasfilm and Disney in corporate matters in the past. We have chosen not to publish their details to afford the individuals a level of privacy. The registered office in the UK for both businesses is also the same as used by Lucasfilm and Foodles, but again despite this being on public record we have chosen not to publish this out of respect for the privacy of those involved.

    Are these names for Episode 8 and 9 or perhaps for the spin off films? Does Space Bear mean we may get a movie based around Wookiees? We want to hear your thoughts so tweet us @JediNewsUK and comment on our Jedi News Facebook page

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