A few weeks ago we posted a bare-bones rumour list for next year’s LEGO, and have now received a juicier (technical term) and more detailed list of what we can expect next January – including exciting things like what mini-figs we may get! Read on for the full list, however remember much can change between now and release, at this point it’s little more than speculation…

All of these sets, except for the final one, are based on The Clone Wars movie and series.

Clone Walker Battle Pack
This set will include two white Clone Troopers (Phase I of course), an ARC Trooper and a Clone Pilot. The vehicle is a small, two-legged, open-top walker.

Assassin Droids Battle Pack
If you want Battle Droids, run out and buy the current back before it’s replaced with this one! This set will include five IG-series Assassin Droids and a Speeder.

Hyena Droid Bomber
This set is essentially a big Vulture Droid, but with two “heads”. It’s blue and grey in colour, and comes with three red Battle Droids with jet packs attached.

Separatist AAT
It’s a blue and grey recreation of the AAT, and comes with a Battle Droid, two Super Battle Droids, a Clone and Yoda – Yoda has a new head, that’s a bit more LEGO-scale than the previous one.

Republic Attack Shuttle
This looks similar to the vehicle that delivered Ahsoka to Obi-Wan and Anakin in the movie. It comes with a Clone Pilot and Mace Windu (with new bug-eyed head). It’s likely that they won’t be the only two mini-figs in this set.

Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter
Our previous list mentioned a TIE Fighter and a TIE Bomber – we presume this is the Fighter, and the Bomber was actually the Hyena Bomber. This is the 10th Anniversary set (for January 😉 ), and comes packaged similar to the 1999 sets – including the mini-fig logo! There’s also a 10th Anniversary logo that will likely be on the box.
Collectors may also be pleased to hear that it’s black and grey, no blue. Naturally, it comes with a Darth Vader mini-fig.

Indiana Jones

Shanghai Chase
From The Temple of Doom, this includes two cars and the following mini-figs; Short Round, Indiana Jones (different!!) , Willie and two of Lao-Che’s men.

Fight on the Flying Wing
From Raiders of the Lost Ark, this includes the Flying Wing vehicle, and the fuel car. The mini-figs included are Indiana Jones, Marion, the big German mechanic and a Nazi Pilot.

Once again, this is all unofficial rumour, and may turn out to be nothing but wishful thinking. Either way, we’ll find out in January…

Graham’s collection has grown much beyond the original trilogy figures and Lego to include many of Hasbro’s new lines, as well as items from almost all of the different licencees and many promotional display stands. He regularly attends events across the UK.

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