Empire Magazine: 30th Anniversary = 30 Covers!

Empire is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars with their biggest Force related extravaganza yet.

To mark this very special event, Empire has embarked on its most ambitious issue ever. There have been fights in their office, tears at team meetings, and many expletives shouted, but after weeks of deliberation they have produced 30 exclusive Empire covers featuring the 30 greatest Star Wars characters.  30 covers… we thought they were crazy too… If you’re lucky enough to find each and every cover it will cost you over £110!

Starting today they will be revealing a cover a day, the first being Chewbacca, up until the magazine’s on sale date of May 24th – the eve of the official birthday of Star Wars (do the maths – it doesn’t work out!).  You can take the link below to see each days release or check back daily at your favourite UK Star Wars site, JediNews.co.uk, for a look.

Keep checking back for more special announcements about Empire’s tribute to the world’s greatest film franchise.

SOURCEEmpire Online
James is an active member of the Star Wars collecting community, and is the Brand Director for Jedi News. James is also the host of the Star Wars Collectors Cast, and co-host of RADIO 1138 on the Jedi News Network.