Disney Searching For More Super Bowl 48 Ad Time

    Well, now this is rather interesting. The Hollywood Reporter informs us that Disney is looking into purchasing more commercial air time during Super Bowl 48, which carries a $4+ million price tag for a 30-second spot.

    Disney — after committing to a Super Bowl ad in the fall — is said to be shopping for additional spots, possibly taking two or three spaces as other advertisers drop out. As a last-minute shopper, the studio faces prices approaching $4.4 million, sources tell THR.

    What could Disney be planning on using these additional commercial time slots for? And what do they already have lined up for their initial Super Bowl ad? Time anxiously will tell of course come February 2nd, as the NFL’s big game will be making its first ever appearance in a cold-weather city in New Jersey.

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    Justin LaSalata
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