Details On New Topps 2015 Star Wars Trading Card Series

    Our good friends and fellow The Force United teammates over at Yakface provide us with this link to ICv2 detailing an assortment of new Star Wars trading card series that Topps will be releasing in 2015, including the Star Wars Rebels cards pictured above.

    Star Wars Rebels Trading Cards, originally planned for October release, will now street on February 25 as a retail only (no hobby) product. Tied to the Disney XD TV show (see “‘Star Wars Rebels’ Renewed”), the cards will be available in two SKUs: the Gravity Feed pack, with six cards, at $1.99 MSRP; and the Jumbo Pack, with 18 cards, at $4.99 MSRP.

    The base set includes 100 character, vehicle, and scene cards. There are also Rainbow Foil parallel cards, 20 different stickers (one per pack), and 10 tattoos (1:8). Approximately 500 sketch cards will be randomly inserted.

    And how about Topps releasing any info on a card series based on The Force Awakens?

    Topps declined to discuss the releases for the Fall season, which presumably will include products tied to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and would not comment on the release of the card-style images for the upcoming film that mimic the original Topps Star Wars sets for the first film.

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    SOURCEICv2 (via Yakface)
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