Melinda Wolf over at the ever-awesome Coffee With Kenobi blogs an intriguing thought, wondering if Anakin was really the chosen one. The person she thinks was? His son, Luke.

As I was strolling along one particular morning a few years ago, I started contemplating Anakin and whether he truly was “The Chosen One”. Qui-Gon Jinn comes upon this 9-year-old waif, recognizes that he has a propensity for the Force, requests a midi-chlorian count be conducted, and when the reading indicates Anakin’s count is “off the chart,” he is dubbed “The Chosen One”. Qui-Gon convinces the Jedi Council Anakin must be The One the prophesy foretold would bring balance to the Force.

SOURCECoffee With Kenobi
Mark Newbold
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