Celebration Europe – The Clone Wars

With no new Star Wars films to look forward to we’re going to have to settle for the next best thing – two brand new TV series and an amazing game too.  All three of these topics were discussed at Celebration Europe although only two of them in any great detail, ‘The Clone Wars’ CGI TV series and the new LucasArts game ‘The Force Unleashed’.  Both of these will burst onto our screens next year.

Steve Sansweet spoke about ‘The Clone Wars’ CGI TV series with great passion and showed the awesome looking trailer no less than twelve times over six sessions during Celebration Europe to rapturous applause on each occasion.  The trailer was shown on the big screen with full surround sound and my children literally jumped out of their seats as it started.

Before the trailer we were treated to a video with the producer of the series, Catherine Winder, and the supervising director, Dave Filoni.  Dave didn’t believe Catherine when she called him asking him to attend an interview for the job.  Dave has been a Star Wars fan all his life and had always wanted to work for Lucasfilm so when the call came from Catherine he was convinced it was some kind of practical joke.  He was eventually convinced and amazed when Catherine hung up the phone and Dave called her back at Lucasfilm.  They then spoke about how the design for the film was a hybrid of what we saw in the animated TV series, produced by the Cartoon Network, and the designs for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  The final design bridges the two perfectly.  Unusually for a CGI or Cartoon series the characters will change and evolve in appearance as the Clone Wars progress.  Most noticeably Anakin will change and grow as he gets older and the war progresses.  Each episode of the series will last 22 minutes, which fits perfectly into a 30 minute slot with adverts. 

As yet nobody has been signed up to show the Clone Wars but as soon as they are we can expect to see some more footage.  Also, on a related note, we’ve been told that Hasbro, Gentle Giant and the other licensees have been busily working on Clone Wars products for release in the second half of 2008.

SOURCEStarWars.com - Clone Wars
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