Lockdown Legends: Star Wars Adventures #3 Review

Published: October 2017
Cover Artist: Derek Charm

Pest Control
Landry Q. Walker
Artist: Eric Jones

Tales From Wild Space: Adventures in Wookiee-Sitting
Writer: Alan Tudyk and Shannon Eric Denton
Artist: Arianna Florean

The synopsis;

When Finn finds an adorable baby creature hiding in an Imperial ship, it’s up to him to find a home for the mischief maker before Captain Phasma kicks them both into space!

The review;

One of the silver linings of this whole lockdown, is not having to wait weeks to review a Star Wars Adventures. It has been a lot of fun to go back and explore issues I’ve not had the time to read. Yet this week, I did do a double take. The first tale is written by Landry Q. Walker, who Star Wars fans will know as the author of Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens Volume 1. The second, and this is where I did my double take, is by Alan Tudyk and Shannon Eric Denton. Yes, that Alan Tudyk, who played K2-SO in Rogue One. How this slipped by me when it was first released is unknown to me! He is working with another legend Shannon Eric Denton, who – well, I don’t even know where to begin! Denton has worked on countless comics, series, live action, the list is endless! To say I was excited by what these two came up with would be an understatement.

The first tale, ‘Pest Control’, takes place in the sequel era, while Finn is still part of the First Order. From the very first panel, you get a sense that you are in safe territory. The shot of the star destroyer hanging in space and then to zoom in on Finn and his cleaning duties. It all sets the story up perfectly… for one of the funniest stories I’ve read! Walker does an incredible job writing this story. Finn is scripted perfectly; you can’t help but hear his tone and inflection in every single word. The attitude that he has, the almost Threepio style “We’re doomed,” comes across perfectly and it’s this that really carries the tale. If Finn hadn’t been written as well as he has, this story would not have worked.

With Finn set up so beautifully, it is left to the antics of the ‘pest’ to deliver the rest of the story. The pest goes around causing chaos wherever he goes, all of it hilariously commented on by Finn. There are so many laugh out moments in this short tale, some that even while I’m trying to type this review, are making me laugh out loud. It could be that I just needed a good laugh, but Kylo Ren talking about the growing darkness and then having the lights turned off? Pure comedy gold! Does all of it make sense? Of course not, I mean Kylo can’t sense that Phasma is not directly in front of him, no sense. Yet, it is not supposed to. This is supposed to be exactly what it delivers, a humorous look at the day in the life of Finn. I don’t really care about such inaccuracies, as long as I’m enjoying myself.

As the story continues, Walker gives us lots of little nods to the wider Star Wars universe. The little mention of Finn that he can’t pilot. The ultimate end to the tale, which suddenly made me think of Yoda and, “Size matters not.” You can tell that this is by someone who really understands comedy, Star Wars and how to put both of them together.

They say in comedy that timing is everything. In this tale, the comedy would not have worked half as well as it did without the artwork of Eric Jones. It works tremendously well. His lines are clean and crisp, the level of detail is perfect. Most importantly, he draws an excellent Finn and a whole range of expressions that truly match the character. Half the time it was these that were making me laugh, easily seeing John Boyega’s face in the drawing.

I said at the start that I did a double take for the writers of the second tale, yet the first tale really caught me off guard. Exceptionally written, beautifully illustrated and more laughs than you could possibly imagine!

The second story is part of the ‘Tales from Wild Space’. As previously mentioned, this is written by two heavy weights and so my expectations were high. Yet the first thing that really struck me, was the gorgeous artwork by Arianna Florean. Her work is incredible and there’s a reason she keeps being featured in Star Wars Adventures (if you haven’t, I recommend you read Flight of the Falcon by Michael Moreci to see more of her amazing work). Every time I see her work, I feel like I’m watching an animated show (or should be). She really brings this story to life and even somehow, manages to provide K2 with emotion on his emotionless face.

The story itself is another barrel full of laughs. With Tudyk being the co-writer, there is an obvious focus on K2 and I’m so glad there is. Tudyk made this character his own in Rogue One and only he could really add the sort of humour we expect from the quirky droid. And add it he does. Just like the first story in this comic, I was laughing out loud every few panels. There is so much to like about K2, and for me, this story only cements that statement further. To place K2 as a babysitter was a stroke of genius, as I can’t imagine a better situation to have K2 so wound up by his responsibilities. It also allows us to see a softer side to K2, and I like that as a being, he develops in this issue, he learns.

All the little nods in the story show how much Tudyk and Denton are. From the use of wookiees, to the dejarik table, it feels like a galaxy far, far away. Although this is the shorter of the stories, the two manage to fit in a huge amount given the confines of space. I can only imagine when this came out three years ago, the level of excitement to have Tudyk step(?!) back into his role, as the Cassian/K2 story would not have been announced. Reading this, makes me want to see that series even more.

We’re all in need of some humour at the moment, given the current situation. I was not expecting quite so much humour from a single issue of Adventures, yet the jokes kept coming and coming. This issue is one of the funniest (if not the funniest) I have read from this series and has put me into a great mood for the rest of the day! Even in this early issue, there are some incredible writers present, one who is a Star Wars author, the other pair, a legend in his own right and the other is K2. The quality of the stories they’ve presented is of the highest quality and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover them. My only complaint from all three of these writers, I want more. Adventures always seems over far too quickly, particularly when the writing, the artwork and the humour is this good. If you are feeling the strain of lockdown at the minute, if you are feeling the need of a Star Wars pick-me-up, then look no further. I promise you; you won’t be able to turn the lights off without laughing!


Star Wars Adventures is an ongoing series that began in 2017. Star Wars Adventures #3 is currently available in digital format from IDW Publishing and comiXology. A physical copy can be found in one of the trade paperback releases from IDW Publishing. Please check with Amazon UK and US, Forbidden Planet in the UK or your local comic bookstore for availability.