Comic Review: The Last Jedi #6

Published: September 12, 2018
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Gary Whitta
Penciler: Michael Walsh with Josh Hixson
Cover Artist: Mahmud Asrar & Frankie D’Armata

The synopsis;

THE LATEST EPISODE OF THE STAR WARS SAGA COMES TO ITS THRILLING CONCLUSION! Trapped in a derelict rebel base, GENERAL LEIA and the last of the RESISTANCE fight for their survival! Will POE DAMERON, ROSE and FINN stop the FIRST ORDER before they destroy the last hope for the galaxy? Is hope dead, or will LUKE SKYWALKER return to confront his fallen pupil KYLO REN?

The review;

Since my first review, I have always said that the point of these adaptations, the reason fans read them, is for the pieces unseen. As an adaptation continues, the harder it is to add these pieces, as usually they interfere with the flow and pace of the story. In this issue there are only a few little extras but they make a huge difference?

You may guess where Whitta has added these extra details, with Luke Skywalker. From issue one, Whitta has been very clear as to who the main character in this story is and it only seems right that Luke gets the send-off he so deserves. To hear Luke quoting Obi-Wan Kenobi from A New Hope was an absolute thrill. It is perhaps too easy to say that the line should have been in the film, but I do feel it would have given the surprise away that Luke is not really on Crait. Knowing that your audience has most likely seen the film already, it is easier to add these things as there is nothing to spoil.

Where Whitta really shows his skill is with Luke’s internal dialogue. Firstly, this links beautifully with the internal dialogue we see at the start of the series. But when reading it, what I kept thinking was, this is the Luke we use to know. The Luke who isn’t so sullen, isn’t so defeated. This is a Luke with a sense of humour and playfulness to him. You can almost forgive Luke for his early behaviour when you say how far he has come.

Which brings us to Luke’s last scene. The internal dialogue is the one aspect of this adaptation that I was most looking forward to for this scene, and it does not disappoint. I’ve not tried to hide the fact that I have struggled with appreciating The Last Jedi. I want to like the film but having my true hero return at the end of the film to then die has not been easy. It felt so final. However, here Whitta reminds us that for Luke this is not the end, but the start of something far larger. Again, this would never have been possible in the film, yet here it works perfectly. It is filled with hope, rather than loss.

This issue sums up the entire series. This is a story about Luke Skywalker. And so it should be. Fans have been following Luke since 1977, imagining they were leaving their home to fight a galactic Empire. Even newer generations still relate to this character and it is his story we want to see. Whitta has been able to weave the story that had been told in The Last Jedi, with the story that some fans needed to be told, that of Luke. Not only has this series added extra pieces to the story but it has approached it from a different point of view. It has made me re-evaluate The Last Jedi and has filled in some of the blanks that I needed filling in. And in the end, is this not what a comic adaptation should do? This is perhaps the most important adaptation for a Star Wars film that has ever been released and Whitta should be very proud of the amazing work he has done here. It is not easy to adapt a movie and to do it the way he has is astonishing. If you are a fan who has not fully grasped what The Last Jedi is about, I cannot recommend this series enough. It won’t completely change your opinion, but it will certainly make you start looking at the film from a different point of view. With such talented work, I do hope we see Whitta return to a galaxy far, far away very soon, he certainly belongs there.


The Last Jedi is a six part series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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