Comic Review: The Last Jedi #5

Published: August 1, 2018
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Gary Whitta
Penciler: Michael Walsh
Cover Artist: Paolo Rivera

The Synopsis;

REY CONFRONTS SNOKE AS THE RESISTANCE FACES EXTINCTION! KYLO REN brings REY before the SUPREME LEADER — but who will turn? ADMIRAL HOLDO reveals a stunning plan to save the RESISTANCE! Plus! The return of CAPTAIN PHASMA as FINN and ROSE are betrayed!


As I look down at my notes for this issue, I haven’t really written a lot. There were no extra scenes to speak of, and the story follows that of The Last Jedi incredibly well. In fact, of the writing, Whitta has done what is required for this issue, he’s adapted the film. This was always bound to happen, and to be honest, I’m impressed he’s been able to keep supplying the added detail for as long as he has! There comes a time where telling the actual story, and keeping the same pacing is far more beneficial than forcing extra pieces into it.

Whitta has had to sacrifice any extra detail in order to tell the story, which for this issue has a huge amount of action. Therefore, what has really carried the story for me, is the artwork. In my first review, I mentioned that the art was what some might call basic, but harkened back to the original Marvel comics. In this issue, this art style really had a chance to shine. In parts it is still simple, but I underestimated how effective it would be for action scenes. Walsh walks a fine line with enough detail in his work to allow you to follow the journey, and not too much that the panels look crowded. His first frame with on Crait with the speeders is perfect example of this, as is the fight scene between Rey, Kylo and the Praetorian Guards. It works incredibly well. I also really liked the connection between Holdo jumping into hyperspace and the lightsaber splitting. I never felt this watching the film, yet there is more emphasis in the issue, and rightly so.

In my previous reviews I’ve mentioned that the further into the story of The Last Jedi these comics go, the more difficult it is to include extra scenes. With this being the penultimate issue, Whitta has had to forfeit these unseen parts and instead focus on the action. It is no coincidence that there is no Luke Skywalker in this issue, which is where Whitta has focused most of his added detail. That said, I did not come away disappointed. Walsh was able to shine and show his art style at its best with some incredible action scenes and great pacing. It felt more like the calm before the storm. This comic went further into the story than I expected, which leaves Whitta more space in the final issue to really provide an excellent finale to this series. With such a perfectly executed adaption, Whitta has earnt the trust of his readers to allow him to have a more straight forward adaptation, in order to provide a much better finish. I for one cannot wait to see how he concludes this series, I’m sure it will not be one to miss…


The Last Jedi is a six part series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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