Comic Review: TIE Fighter #4

Published: July 17, 2019
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Jody Houser
Penciler: Rogê Antônio & Ig Guara
Cover Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards

The synopsis;

A NEW MISSION! A betrayal from one of their own. Is the squadron even ready to fly again after so many losses? And who are these new pilots who think they’re good enough to join the ranks of SHADOW WING?

The review;

The last issue saw two of the five pilots of squadron five killed. A shock to say the least! This week, the issue feels very different and a lot slower, as the repercussions of the last issue are felt.

I was very surprised to find that the two replacement pilots for the squadron were cadets. For what is considered to be an ‘elite’ squadron, cadets would not seem the right call. This is explained in the comic, with the Empire on a massive offensive, they just don’t have the pilots to spare. What I did like, was that these two pilots can’t work together. Seeing them finish a mission gave us at least some TIE fighter action and really showed their competitive nature. Having read Imperial Cadet, you can understand that having a competitive nature is needed. However, when flying as a squadron, it is teamwork that helps you survive. I’m very interested to see how these cadets work in squadron five, as I’m sure they’re not going to make things easier for the other pilots. Added to this, I did find the cadets rather annoying, which I’m sure is exactly what the remainder of the squadron thinks of them as well.

Squadron five is very much fragmented. Even with the addition of the cadets, the rest of the pilots seem a little lost. Teso admits to Ganem that if it wasn’t for the mission, he’d be out. Whatever the outcome of this issue, it seems the squadron we know is done. It is strange how after only three issues, this squadron means something, something more than your typical squadron. With such a squadron that is tearing itself apart after so many losses, I wonder how they are going to perform for their mission.

The flashback in this issue is Ganem, spending time with his granny. It’s an interesting part, Ganem is the careful one, warning his gran to be careful what she says. Somehow her attitude gets worn off onto Ganem, who in issue one, is the one who has to be reminded to be careful. I did like the interpretation of the gran to what is happening in the galaxy. She believes the Jedi were evil, but that Palpatine will eventually go, with no heir to take over. It’s an in interesting take and I like seeing the general public’s view of the political system that has arisen since Order 66.

The artwork I have always liked, yet there is one minor complaint I have this issue. Teso make a pose of a closed fist and a pointed hand. It seemed very out of place when it first occurred. Then he did it again a few pages later! It’s nit picking to be sure, yet it threw me out of the story both times. What I like about TIE Fighter, is that it feels very real. Having such a classic superhero/comic stance doesn’t work in a comic like this? Although I’ll be honest, if that’s the worst I can find in a comic, it can’t be that bad!

This is a very slow issue, you come away from it feeling like it was several pages too short. However, considering what has happened the previous issue, the story needed this pause for our characters to find their feet. The foundations have been set for the final issue, although I’m not quite sure how everything is going to be neatly wrapped up in just one comic. Houser has proven she is extremely capable of writing an incredible Star wars comic, so I guess I will just have to wait and see…


Star Wars: TIE Fighter is a five part series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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