Comic Review: TIE Fighter #3

Published: June 19, 2019
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Jody Houser
Penciler: Rogê Antônio & Geraldo Borges
Cover Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards

The synopsis;

THE NET CLOSES! The traitors of the REBEL ALLIANCE have made their presence known! Will the heroes of the EMPIRE be able to salvage the mission and save the day? And at what cost?

The review;

The first two issues of this story arc have been absolutely incredible. The depth, the art, it has all felt perfect. Issue three takes a slight change in pace; It slows down on the depth and ramps up the action. This is not said as a negative, for me, this is in true Star Wars fashion and what I would expect from any of the films, let alone a comic.

The obvious thing in this issue is the loss of Lyttan and Zin. It took me completely by surprise, as I imagine it did many readers. Within two issues, we have already started to form a connection with these pilots and this squadron, to lose two pilots in one issue so quickly is shocking. It is a very gutsy move by Houser and one that I think suits the tone of this series perfectly. I mentioned last week that I get very frustrated by some writers who make their heroes invincible and defy the odds. Houser has already shown she doesn’t like to do this, that her work is realistic. With so many fighters, it would be very lucky for all the pilots to survive. It also escalates the risks for this squadron. There are only three left with two issues remaining, how many are actually going to survive? If Houser is so quick to relieve us of two characters, how many more is she willing to sacrifice? It’s a brave move but also a very exciting one.

The other thing that really got me in this comic were the stormtroopers. I like how well written they were. We see how weak minded and easily swayed they are by their admiral into leaving the Empire. Yet we also see how much fear the Empire can instil in its men, as they quickly turn back to join the Empire when they feel they may have to feel its might. It sums up the stormtroopers perfectly and didn’t feel out of place.

The artwork as always is just wonderful. Antônio has set a new standard from what I expect to see with characters wearing a mask. Every time he uses it I look in awe and joy. His timing is also second to none, the blast that catches Lyttan is done with precision, so the death comes as a complete surprise.

We also have the Lost style flashback for Teso. I love these at the end of the story, it’s a unique feature that works well. We learn that Teso is worried about the responsibility of having a squadron, which will hopefully play an important part in the next issue when he has to deal with almost half of his squadron gone.

This is a series that I can’t fault and makes me eager to read more and more. Houser is a superb and original writer who seems to get Star Wars to its absolute core. The pacing of these first three issues is spot on and reflects the movies they are based off. Not only that but the shock factor of killing off, not one but two characters is something to make every reader blink twice. Not only that, but I have no idea where the story is heading next, how our characters are going to deal with the loss, or how the Empire is going to respond. It’s great! I don’t know where it is going but I can’t wait till next month where I can find out…


Star Wars: TIE Fighter is a five part series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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