Comic Review: Galaxy’s Edge #3

Published: 26th June 2019
Rated: T
Writer: Ethan Sacks
Artist: Will Sliney
Cover Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards

The synopsis;

THE JEDHA CONNECTION! During the height of the EMPIRE, DOK-ONDAR hired an unlikely team to pull off an impossible score — to steal a relic out of the occupied HOLY CITY OF JEDHA. With FIRST ORDER troops now blanketing the BLACK SPIRE OUTPOST on BATUU, history may finally be catching up to the notorious procurer of the unprocurable. Guest starring fan favorite Outer Rim pirate HONDO OHNAKA! Based on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new themed land coming this year to Disney Land and Walt Disney World.

The review;

Tommy Lee Edwards is giving us some great direct edition covers. All have been very strong and this one is no exception. I´m really loving the use of vibrant colours makes a striking impact. The variant cover by Caspar Wijngaard is also up there for quality. Going for more of a portrait of Hondo, but really capturing the character´s personality.

As it has taken so long for me to get around to writing this review, this week sees the second printing of this issue, which features a new cover from Will Sliney.

As Hondo Ohnaka is on the cover, yes you´ve guessed correctly that the lovable pirate is the centre of attention this issue, just as he likes to be.

At the start of the issue, we see Remex fleeing a dispute in the Black Spire marketplace. I really like the fact that Remex is a Clawdite. Since the introduction of Zam Wessell in Attack of the Clones, I have been surprised that we have seen so few occurrences in Star Wars literature or the sequel trilogy. So this is nice and refreshing that Remex is using his skills to avoid the pursuit of the First Order. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help him to avoid Varg, Dok-Ondar’s fixer.

Enter Oga’s Cantina and it is the meeting place for our Resistance team and Remex has changed his tune about the heist wanting off world sharpish. Obviously his meeting with Varg has forced this change of heart, but Kendoh is having none of it and proceeds to meet with Hondo.

Now, we all know Hondo likes to tell or even sell his own story. Embellishment and self promotion are his speciality and bragging about an incursion through an Imperial blockade on Jedha grabs her interest.

Back in the Imperial Era, Hondo, Dok-Ondar and Ohnaka’s protege, Quadoro entered the Temple of the Whills to recover a statue and to retrieve, well steal it actually, the Guardians of the Whills were always going to make it a tough task. The first guardians were quite easily despatched, but Quadoro was taken down in the skirmish. Leaving only 2 of them standing, they find their treasure. The action sequences through this part of the story are really good. Will Sliney has managed to keep consistent character looks throughout. Sometimes it seems as though an artist will reduce the amount of detail to increase the number of panels in the layout, but Sliney doesn’t do this and maintains the high level of detail.

When Dok-Ondar retrieves the statue, it’s really interesting that he has used a concealed lightsaber to do this. I am assuming that it is the blade of Ki-Adi-Mundi that he is alleged to have recovered previously, which is a nice touch. But, then comes the time to escape the temple, easy? Well, no, not quite.

Now here was the twist I loved about this issue, the first time we have seen Chirrut Îmwe outside of Rogue One. A formidable opponent for any adversary you would agree. Going hand to hand in combat with Îmwe isn’t Hondo’s best idea. Seeing him losing the fight, Dok-Ondar steps in to tell the story of his parents and the reason he wants to acquire the statue. Now this is where the true Chirrut Îmwe can be seen. It is the same calm and caring man we see in the market of Jedha when he meets Jyn. He understands the Force on a level that few do, and this triggers a degree of sympathy and he stands down to allow them to pass with the statue. This part alone makes me want to see a Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus team up at some time on-screen or a comic series set during the Imperial occupation of Jedha or just before.

Their escape from Jedha isn’t without risks, but for Hondo it’s pretty easy and we see the pirate walking the walk after talking it so well on so many occasions.

Story over, Kendoh reveals what she seeks. Hondo’s reaction tells everything, he has seen this weapon before. He then reveals that the person who has previously tried to find this sword is Doctor Aphra.

Oh wait, did someone say Aphra? I’ve been really pleased with the character choices for this series to bring it all together. Yes, I understand that it is to serve a greater purpose, to sell the credibility of Black Spire Outpost and Batuu as a Star Wars location due to the introduction of the Disney theme park, but it works for me.

I for one am really enjoying this series, but although I am getting a great cast list for the past tales, I would like to see more expansion of the Resistance characters and their connection to our hero group that escaped from Crait.


This issue was released on 26th June 2019 and is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.