Comic Review: Star Wars Adventures #23

Published: July 3, 2019
Cover Artist: Tony Fleecs

A Race for Answers
Ian Flynn
Artist: Tony Fleecs

Tales from Wild Space: “Majordomo, Major Problems”
Arie Kaplan
Artist: Drew Moss

The synopsis;

Join Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon for another rollicking mission on behalf of the Rebel Alliance!

The review;

After having several well-known writers for the stories in Adventures, we have two newcomers this month. One writing a Lando/Chewbacca adventure, the other a Jabba/Bib tale…

The first thing that caught my attention with ‘A Race for Answers,’ was the artist. Tony Fleecs did an incredible job in last month’s issue and I was delighted to see his name come up again this month. His work in this issue is fantastic. The premise of the story is that Lando and Chewie have to join a battle-race; podracing with guns in space. There is something to feast your eyes on, in every single page but the part that really caught my eye were the ship designs. Fleecs has a lot of fun creating new ship designs that could participate in this sort of race and they look new, different and very Star Wars. With such action as well, Fleecs draws you into the action with ease.

And I suppose I should talk about the writing by Ian Flynn. The whole premise of the issue works so well. How many of us have imagined podracing with weapons? I know I have! I’ll be honest, I wanted to see a lot more of it in this issue! The time frame also works well. It is set just after Return of the Jedi, with Chewbacca and Lando going on a mission. Everything is very well explained, to why they are on this particular mission, to why Chewbacca is flying with Lando and not Han. I’m not quite sure how Flynn does it because he fits an awful lot into this tale.

Lando is the star of the show and his quirkiness, his humour, it’s all very well written. He still has his connections but he has completely turned to being a hero. Being so close to the battle of the second Death Star, I can just imagine Lando feeling invincible and able to do anything (of course he is usually always like that!). Through Lando, comes most of the humour of the tale. It’s used sparingly so when it is used, it’s very effective.

To have this as Ian Flynn’s first tale, I think is just incredible. The premise, the content and depth are all superbly done, I just wish it had gone on for another 16 pages (at least!)

The second tale, ‘Majordomo, Major Problems,’ focuses on just how much work Bib Fortuna does for Jabba. As with all the Wild Space stories, this focuses on a moral and is very much geared towards the younger audience. However, I found that the lesson in this seems quite poignant, being a parent. I know sometimes it feels like my children ask me to do so much and I never get five minutes to myself… perhaps with the exception of this review! So although the moral maybe geared towards children, it also is a humorous tale relatable to anybody who has children. I’m planning on reading this with mine and see if they see the similarities!

It can’t be easy stepping into a series that has had such incredible writers, and I can’t lie, I was nervous seeing two names that I didn’t recognise. However, as always seems to be the case with Star Wars Adventures, I shouldn’t have worried and just enjoyed the ride. The main story by Flynn is just incredible; its set in a time frame I love, with characters that we haven’t seen much of in Adventures. The whole premise of battle-racing is genius and I would love to see more stories based around this. Not only that, but the artwork and imagination of Fleecs furthers the enjoyment of this story. I’m always fascinated how well some writers can write one story to suit two different audiences and the second story certainly does that. Kaplan (who has wrote Star Wars Lego stories) does a great job relating to parents and providing an important lesson for the younger generation. My one complaint with this issue (and let’s be honest almost every issue of Adventures) is that it just isn’t long enough! I could have carried on reading for twice the amount of pages, seen more of the battle-races, seen more jobs that Bib Fortuna had to complete… there is just never enough! Not a bad complaint I suppose to have for a comic! As always, I can’t recommend this series enough. It is what Star Wars should always be about: stories for multiple generations, engaging, action packed and most importantly, fun…


Star Wars Adventures is an ongoing series available from IDW Publishing. This issue is available from all good comic book stores in the USA and from Forbidden Planet in the UK. This issue retails at $3.99.