Comic Review: Star Wars Adventures – Tales from Vader’s Castle #4

Published: 24th October 2018
Writer: Cavan Scott
Artists: Derek Charm (Pages 1-3, 19-20), Robert Hack (Pages 4-18)
Colourists: Derek Charm (Pages 1-3, 19-20), Charlie Kichoff (Pages 4-18)
Letterer: Robbie Robbins & Tom B. Long
Cover Artists: Francesco Francavilla (A, RI), Robert Hack (B)

The synopsis;

While on a secret mission for the Rebel Alliance, Commander Lina Graf’s ship came under attack by TIE fighters and crash-landed on the planet Mustafar, where her crew looks for a way to escape the inhospitable lava planet…

The story;

Night of the Gorax

Lina and her crew who are searching for Hudd, who has gone missing, hear a scream. Hudd must be in danger and find a green sculpture on the floor where the scream came from. Crater is suspicious of the suits of armour in the room. They split up to search for their companion. Gee-Three goes with Skritt, while Lina and Crater head the opposite way. Gee-Three decides Skritt needs to hear another story, this time it is about the forest moon of Endor.

Chirpa, Chukha and Ra-Lee are hunting borra deep in the forest. Chirpa blows his borra horn and waits for a moment. A borra breaks cover and they leap from their branch and land on it’s back steering it towards their trap. As the borra falls into the pit Chirpa and Ra-Lee grab a vine and swing to safety. They haul their prize back to their village.

It is eerily quiet, and they are greeted by Chief Buzza. More woklings have disappeared and her fears the dulok are responsible. Buzza wants to attack the dulok, but Makrit influences him into keeping their fragile peace. Logray does not agree and insists they need to go to the dulok village and confront them.

On their arrival, the village is desserted. There is an enormous footprint in the ground. A dulok punces on Ra-Lee claiming he is to sacrifice them all. Logray confronts the dulok and uses his shaman magic to influence him and get him to lead them to where the offerings are made.

A huge ewok figure made from wood, like a pyre, stands tall in the clearing. Trapped within its torso are the missing woklings. They start to free them only be confronted by a gorax. Ra-Lee grabs the borra horn and blows out a call. Borra come streaming through below them and the ewoks leap on to them and are carried to safety. Except for Makrit, he stands there alone under the gaze of the gorax about to become the sacrifice.

Gee-Three and Skritt find a control room, where a cloaked figure is warning on their incursion. Gee-Three leaps in to action, but he falls to pieces mid-air. Skritt warns Lina and she runs toward to help, leaving Crater alone. A glowing red blade ignites and slices through him from shoulder to waist and Vader stands over him.

The Review;

Can’t believe that we are on issue 4 already! This issue again has 3 covers, the A and the black and white retailer incentive cover by Franceso Francavilla. This depicts some very eerie looking possessed ewoks and then the B cover shows a gorax overlooking Logray and Ra-Lee walking through the forest.

The main story is coming along nicely. A few surprises along the way so far, not least the destruction of Gee-Three and Crater, I did not see that coming. This leaves Skritt and Lina to face whatever Cavan Scott has decided to throw at. As usual the artwork from Derek Charm is spot-on. Again, as with all the issues so far there is that consistent simplicity that makes it flow easily.

This week’s story about the ewoks is drawn by Robert Hack and coloured by Charlie Kichoff. The artwork is very good and has a very 80’s feel to it. It is very highly detailed, but I found that I had an issue distinguishing some of the characters. This made the story a little difficult to follow at times and I had to reread frames to make sure I got the correct flow of the story.

Apart from that, I think everything else was perfectly fine and especially as we finally got to see the dark lord of the Sith himself in this issue, although only fleetingly. From that final frame, it’s all building up nicely for issue 5.


Star Wars Adventures – Tales from Vader’s Castle #4 is the penultimate issue in a weekly series of 5 issues available from IDW Publishing. This issue is available from all good comic book stores in the USA and from Forbidden Planet in the UK. This issue retails at $3.99.