Comic Review: Star Wars Adventures – Tales from Vader’s Castle #2

Published: 10th October 2018
Writer: Cavan Scott
Artists: Derek Charm (Pages 1-3, 19-20), Kelley Jones (Pages 4-18)
Colourists: Derek Charm (Pages 1-3, 19-20), Michelle Madsen (Pages 4-18)
Letterer: Robbie Robbins & Tom B. Long
Cover Artists: Derek Charm, Kelley Jones, Francesco Francavilla

The synopsis;

While on a secret mission for the Rebel Alliance, Commander Lian Graf’s ship came under attack by TIE fighters and crash-landed on the planet Mustafar, where her crew looks for a way to escape the inhospitable lava planet…

The story;

Count Dooku: Prince of Darkness;

Lian assesses the situation and decides they need to remove their rebel insignia’s and rank badges. Larva have attached themselves to Lieutenant Hudd, when their parent appears Gee-Three attacks it. The Larva escapes in the explosion of their attacker and they are left covered in it’s remains.  This reminds Hudd of a story from the Clone Wars on Bray.

Obi-Wan and Adi Galia land on the planet Bray to assist with a call for help. There is a dark lord who has taken control of the nearby fortress and the citadel has had its power disrupted. A Mynock like creature attacks the Jedi and their clones absorbing their blaster shots. Peel is injured before their attacker flees, but he mutates into the same form as his attacker and Coady stuns him. Obi-Wan and Galia enter the fortress to find Count Dooku who is on league with Ravna, Lord of Darkness. Ravna attacks them and is winning, but he wants the Sith’s power. He strikes out at Dooku and he to starts to mutate, Obi-Wan taunts Dooku and he turns against Ravna. While they fight the Jedi make their escape and decide to bring down the fortress on the heads of Ravna and Dooku. Peel is released from hi mutation and recovers on board the ship and life on Bray resumes.

Finally, Skritt uncurls himself and in Crater’s arms only to see they are being approached by another danger… shadowtroopers!

The review;

I just love the covers for this series so far. The artwork is excellent and I really think the idea of staying with a similar format and design each week helps the series look so good. Cover A has a hidden meaning for me. Many of you may remember Christopher Lee for being a prominent star in the British ‘Hammer Horror’ movies over the years, like Peter Cushing, but to see his face in the guise of Dooku staring out of the cover, it invokes a memory of watching those movies all those years ago.

The story carries along quite nicely and is an easy read. The introduction of a Clone Wars based story is great and it appealed to me that it includes Adi Galia. It’s good to see Obi-Wan team up with her for this mission alongside Commander Coady.

Going back to my Christopher Lee comments, there had to be a Dooku themed issue in this series. Again, he is the archetypal villain and the arch nemesis of Obi-Wan. Their paths cross on so many occasions, but this time they have to work together to defeat a common enemy and Obi-Wan seems to get the edge over Dooku in the end result.

As you can see from the sample pages I’ve added there is a stark contrast in styles of artwork for this issue. This is more apparent in issue 2 than issue 1 for me. Derek Charm’s style for the overall story of Lian Graf and her team is just brilliant. The style suits the characters and the setting, but I also like what Kelley Jones has brought to the ‘story’ that is told by Hudd.

Issue 2 does not fail to deliver and it is another all-round strong comic. 2 down, 3 to go. Let’s see what happens to Han and Chewie next issue.


Star Wars Adventures – Tales from Vader’s Castle #2 is the second issue in a weekly series of 5 issues available from IDW Publishing. This issue is available from all good comic book stores in the USA and from Forbidden Planet in the UK. This issue retails at $3.99.