Comic Review: Star Wars Adventures: Flight of the Falcon

Released On: May 1, 2019
Writer: Michael Moreci
Penciler & Cover Artist: Arianna Florean

The synopsis;

The Flight of the Falcon ends here! We’ve followed Bazine Netal’s quest for the legendary starship the Millennium Falcon, but here’s one final tale yet to be told, featuring famous pirate captain, Hondo Ohnaka!

The review;

I haven’t made it a secret that the Flight of the Falcon stories that have been appearing in Star Wars Adventures are some of the best Star Wars I have read in a while. It doesn’t matter what you like about Star Wars, who you like in Star Wars or what time period you like in Star Wars, there is something for everyone here, which in and of itself is rare to find these days. Not only that, but the stories are engaging, fun and have that space fantasy atmosphere that can all too easily get lost. It was a bittersweet feeling when I found out that the conclusion to the story would be in its own one shot. Yes, we would be getting a full comic to conclude this incredible series but, and this is what got me, I’d have to wait so long to see the story conclude. I don’t think I have anticipated an issue quite so much as this! In the last story, Hondo was also teased to be in these issue, one of my favourite characters! So now that it is here, has Moreci delivered?

With a whole comic at his disposal? How couldn’t he! The first thing that really strikes me about this story, is the fact that it’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from Moreci. However, he has more time to tell the story. Yes, he could have done this one, like the others, in a shorter space of time but I’m very glad IDW gave him the chance to expand. The story doesn’t feel long or tiresome, but it does feel like it’s got a bit more room to breathe compared to the others. Moreci doesn’t waste it.

Obviously, once past the length of the issue, there is only one star of the show, Hondo. He is on top form in this story. This is an older Hondo, one you would expect to have learnt a few things since his first appearances in Clone Wars, but… well its Hondo! Moreci writes the character to perfection, the sound of his voice easily coming through the words, that you feel he is right there with you. It is through Hondo, that most of the humour comes through in this issue, and it should do. This is the Hondo that we’ve seen in both Clone Wars and Rebels, taking on the same role he takes on here. It is wonderful to see him in action again.

This story is very much for the sequel trilogy fans. There are Porgs (I admit it, I love them!) and there is also Bala-Tik, who I was very pleasantly surprised to see. As always, everything is woven together with precision. Having Hondo there, does mean that even if you’re not a fan of the sequel trilogy, you have the character of Hondo to pull you in. The story also links (and is mentioned) to Pirate’s Price, a young adult book by Lou Anders. As of yet I haven’t read it (I’m actually busily reading through Black Star Renegades by Moreci!) but knowing that it is linked, I’ll be sure to have a read through.

The artwork, as always, I love. It is an animated style, but I think it works perfectly for the story told. These small outings remind me very much of the three minute shorts we got for The Clone Wars, little snippets adding to an overall story. Florean’s style fits that beautifully and her work guides you through the scenes with ease and precision.

In every single part of this story, my biggest complaint is that I want more. This issue is proof that Moreci can handle a complete comic to himself. I actually think the entire series would have worked better as its own mini-series and giving Moreci more space to tell his story. It is a grand tale that has a master weaver at the helm that guides you through a whole mix of timelines, characters and adventures. It is wonderful to read. This is what Star Wars has always been, and always should be, about. It’s about the interactions of characters, in spectacular settings, on crazy adventures. Moreci gets it and writes is flawlessly. I have wondered when we would see a bad part to this little saga, yet time after time Moreci has delivered and gone far beyond my expectations. His choice of characters has been outstanding and I imagine that alone has drawn many fans to this. Not only that, but Moreci has written every character with the correct ‘voice’. I remember hearing Timothy Zahn saying he listened to the films in his car again and again, to make sure his characters sounded right. Moreci has got this same talent to get the characters just right. With the artwork from Florean, you feel that you are reading a full TV show, as opposed to just reading a comic.

This series of stories has been a breath of fresh air. The comic isn’t weighed down by major, galaxy shattering events, it is some fun set in a galaxy far, far away. And I don’t know about anybody else, but that’s what I want from my Star Wars. I am sad to see this series end, I have looked forward to it every month. Yet Moreci has produced a tale to be proud of and I do hope that the people at Lucasfilm are taking note because this person deserves a full comic series, or even his own book(s). He gets this universe, he gets the mechanics of it and how it works. If you want to get a feel for what Star Wars was like in the early days, before fans argued with one another and things were simpler, then this is the series for you. This is some good ol’ swashbuckling adventures set in our favourite galaxy, far, far away…


Flight of the Falcon is a one-shot comic from IDW and available from all good comic stores now and Forbidden Planet in the UK. This issue retails at $3.99.