Comic Review: Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down #2

Published: December 5, 2018
Cover Artist:
Derek Charm
Destroyer Down – Episode II: Discover
Scott Beatty
Artist: Derek Charm
The Ghost Ship Part 2
Scott Beatty
Artist: Jon Sommariva

The Synopsis;

Swallowed by the shifting sands of Jakku, the Imperial Star Destroyer Spectral has been lost for two decades, giving rise to rumours of hauntings and buried treasure. But an epic sandstorm has revealed the ruins of the starship, and renowned scavenger Rey now leads the race to claim whatever lies within!

The Review;

This issue begins with part two of Destroyer Down and picks up right after the first. As the opening part set the scene of Jakku so well, so does this with the character of Rey. This is not Rey training to be a Jedi, but scavenger Rey. Beatty writes her perfectly and I was pleased to see just how much of the character he was able to show. Even though we haven’t ‘lived’ with the character for very long, Beatty is able to emanate her voice remarkably well. Her connection with droids is wonderful to read, I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll see of it. There is also the reinforcement that Rey is by herself and has no one she can particularly call friend.

The whole idea of the ship being haunted works great, my only complaint is that there isn’t more. A derelict star destroyer lost in the sands is the perfect setting for such a story but I don’t feel it has the space in these pages to really fulfil its potential (this would be me hinting at IDW that this short series could have been extended!). Even with such a setting, the humour is in true Star Wars fashion and helps to ease the mood every so often.

The second story, The Ghost Ship, is considerably shorter than the first. It follows the Spectral through hyperspace and very quickly shows the links it has with the previous story. For these stories, it is very important to read them in the order set out by IDW. A lot of the main points in Destroyer Down are explained here and Beatty gracefully weaves the tale to help build anticipation. The idea around a ship following another through hyperspace added some technically details to travelling, which I enjoyed. Again, like the first story, my only complaint was that this was over far too quickly.

Beatty continues these two linked stories beautifully, creating an overall story set in two different periods that is gratifying for readers. Having them set in the original and sequel eras will please most fans, and the artwork helps bring the whole thing together. My only problem is the length. More time needs to be given to both stories, as I feel there is so much potential here. I’m not quite sure why IDW didn’t! The Ghost Ship never feels rushed, but always ends just as you are sinking your teeth into the story. I’d rather have this though, than a longer story that I care nothing about. How Beatty is going to be able to wrap up this story in just a single issue I’m really not sure, but after seeing the preview for the next issue and the clues throughout Destroyer Down, I’m excited to find out.


Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down is a three part series available from IDW Publishing. This issue is available from all good comic book stores in the USA and from Forbidden Planet in the UK. This issue retails at $3.99.

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