Comic Review: Star Wars Adventures #20

Published: April 17, 2019
Cover Artist: Derek Charm

Hide and Seek
Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Derek Charm

Tales From Wild Space: “The Journey”
Writer: George Mann
Artist: Valentina Pinto

The synopsis;

During the Clone Wars, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Yoda undertake an urgent mission, where Anakin’s rebellious nature could spell trouble for the Republic.

The review;

Last month saw the return of Cavan Scott with an incredible story of one of my all-time favourite Star Wars characters (Obi-Wan). This month he returns, this time with one of my other favourite characters, Yoda.

Hide and Seek is set on the planet of Retta and has Yoda and Anakin teaming up. I mentioned this last month, but what instantly strikes me with Scott’s work are the character ‘voices’. It sounds like such a simple task, to have the reader ‘hear’ the character in their head, yet it isn’t. Many writers are not able to do it, and in my experience, few do it as well as Scott does. The words he writes, particularly for Yoda, come straight through. With such short stories, it works very effectively to envelope you so quickly into the story.

Yoda is written very well, with the usual wise creature we’ve come to expect of him. Scott adds little Yoda quotes from the movies, and not just coming from Yoda. Although it is set in the Clone Wars, you can’t help but get a sense that this is Yoda from the start of The Empire Strikes Back. Although there is a war going on, that this Yoda is more relaxed and therefore less serious. I imagine within the galaxy, Yoda being able to escape Coruscant happens rarely and when he does (as in this case), he gets to leave some of the worries and stresses behind. With this relaxation also comes Yoda bending the rules slightly. Yoda will never directly lie, but will do what he and Obi-Wan are famous for and seeing things from a certain point of view. It adds to this image of Original Trilogy Yoda, which I love!

Anakin is very much balanced against Yoda. Whereas in this story, Yoda is calm and relaxed, Anakin is anything but. As Yoda warns Luke, rushing will not help, that is exactly what Anakin tries to do here. He sees an advantage and his first thought is how to exploit it. It is interesting to see Yoda having to teach the same lesson to Anakin as he will to Luke later on. Somehow, Scott is able to blend the two time periods together, creating a very satisfying story that feels both Prequel and Original.

The second story, The Journey, focuses on a very under-appreciated character, Bariss Offee. I am a huge fan of the original Clone Wars series, and particularly love the episodes with Bariss and her master. Although I like the new The Clone Wars, Bariss is portrayed very differently. I was shocked to find that Mann has seemingly written the character as we see her in the original. Huge plus point for me!

To then add to this, was the gorgeous artwork of Pinto. I felt like I was watching another of the three minute episodes. The artwork grabbed me from the first panel and would not let go. Every detail seemed just right and helped to guide me through this wonderful story. With all the action that was in this tale, Pinto’s work really comes alive, so much so, that I had to immediately read the story again to take it in all over again.

Most of the time, the second story in Adventures seems to be very small, with a simple lesson, that never tries to exceed the primary story. However, The Journey, feels like so much more. Is it short? Yes. Does it have a simple lesson for younger readers? Yes. But there is something here that just seems to work so well. With both the writing and art complementing each other so well, this feels like a hidden gem. I feel like I’ve gone back to my younger self; watching Cartoon Network again for three, tiny minutes of new Star Wars (those were the days!). It is a wonderful feeling to have! And just like back then, I want more!

If there is one Star Wars comic that is always consistent, it is Adventures. I never worry about whether I’m going to enjoy the stories because I always do. More than that, they always seem to exceed my high expectations every time. This month is no exception. The quality of writing for both stories is just incredible. Last month I said how much I love Scott’s work, with the previous comic being no exception. Yet in this issue, Scott somehow blends the The Clone Wars and the Original Trilogy together in a very fulfilling way. And Mann teamed with Pinto? My goodness talk about a lightning strike! The story contains a huge amount of nostalgia for myself, and I’m sure other fans who like the original Clone Wars. It is beautifully written and beautifully drawn. All I will say is that this duo deserve to be working on the primary story in Adventures because these two NEED to be doing more work together.


Star Wars Adventures is an ongoing series available from IDW Publishing. This issue is available from all good comic book stores in the USA and from Forbidden Planet in the UK. This issue retails at $3.99.