Comic Review: Star Wars Adventures #18

Published: February 20, 2019

Raiders of the Lost Gundark
Delilah Dawson
Artist: Derek Charm

Flight of the Falcon Part 5
Michael Moreci
Artist: Arianna Florean

Cover Artist: Derek Charm

The Synopsis;

Padmé Amidala joins Jar Jar Binks on a quest to recover a legendary Gungan artefact. Uh oh! This one is going to be very messy! Plus, Gannis Ducain details his time with the Millennium Falcon!

The Review;

Another long month waiting for my favourite Star Wars comic. Another step closer to the finale of Flight of the Falcon! And a prequel story…. with Jar Jar. Sceptical, oh you bet!

The first story is Raiders of the Lost Gundark by Delilah Dawson. The name should strike fans as familiar as she wrote the Phasma book, which I loved. I was interested to see what she would here as the main character is Jar Jar Binks. Let’s be honest, this is not everybody’s favourite character and to do a story dealing with him, well, it’s a risk. Jar Jar is very well written, he is straight up from the films. Now, for older fans, this is probably going to irritate them to no end, yet for children (who most of the ones I’ve met, like Jar Jar) this is a perfect representation of the character. Love him or hate him, Dawson has done a good job of making this character feel right.

As the name suggests, this is a play on Indiana Jones, from snake like creatures, to treacherous creatures, to a temple, this story does what it says; it’s a cross between the two franchises. What equally helped sell this to me was the art. Charm has done an incredible job with these pages and the way he’s constructed the panels really had me going wow. Between the slither fish and the tunnelling pages, the art really drew me in.

I like that Dawson is writing for Adventures and coupled with Charm, the two seem to create a memorable story. I’d be very interested to see what they could do in the time frame of the Original Trilogy as I imagine some people will be put off by the appearance of Jar Jar. However, if you can get beyond that, this is a simple, enjoyable story.

The fifth Part (and last to appear in Star Wars Adventures), ‘Grand Theft Falcon’, is everything that I’ve come to expect from Moreci. The links from across the galaxy are huge and I don’t think Moreci has ever made the galaxy feel quite as vast as he does in this issue. There are links to The Force Awakens, to the repercussions of the Aftermath trilogy and even to the new Star Wars area at Disney World! As always, it is done flawlessly, with Moreci seemingly like it takes no effort for him to weave these things into his story. I’ve said it before, it helps to make a galaxy far, far away seem real, with everything connected.

We finally get to meet Gannis Ducain, who we have only ever known by name. His story is told ever so briefly and I do hope that his tale might be expanded one day. It was good to see the record set straight on how he got the Falcon (and the name of the story seems very apt). Through him we get to hear about the legend that is the Millennium Falcon, that this ship is held in such high regard by everyone.

And the ending? Moreci likes to tease and tease he does. After having my favourite Clone Wars character appear, he only goes and puts in my very close second favourite in! I of course won’t spoil it but my gosh, does Moreci know how to leave you wanting more!

Even with Jar Jar Binks, Adventures continues to do what it does best; make me feel relaxed, comfortable and transport me to a galaxy far, far away. I appreciate a story set in a different era to what we’ve had with the last couple of issues and bringing in Dawson, who fans already know, is very welcome. It does make me sad to see the fifth part of Flight of the Falcon be the last in the regular Adventures issues, as I’ve looked forward to each part every month. Although this part was very good, I can’t help but think that Moreci is building up to an explosive conclusion to this series. I hope we see his return very very soon! This is the best of family reading you can hope to find in Star Wars comics, do I need to say anymore?


Star Wars Adventures is an ongoing series available from IDW Publishing. This issue is available from all good comic book stores in the USA and from Forbidden Planet in the UK. This issue retails at $3.99.