Comic Review: Poe Dameron #25

Published: March 21, 2018
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciler: Angel Unzueta
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

The Synopsis:

It’s the end of an era for Poe Dameron. With the Resistance and the First Order on a collision course and his mission to find Lor San Tekka nearly at an end, the force of Poe’s destiny draws him on toward an awakening…

The Story:

The Fifth, and final, part of Legend Found opens with Lor San Tekka alone, drifting through space, in the middle of a nebula. San Tekka is recording what he believes to be his last thoughts, as he doesn’t believe a rescue is coming. However, we quickly find a battle ensuing between the First Order and the Resistance; both sides are trying to claim San Tekka. Black Squadron are doing their best to keep the TIE fighters away from their rescue shuttle, which has located the stranded man. The rescue team manages to get San Tekka, but not before the shuttle is destroyed.

The First Order quickly send troops to get San Tekka. Before they can get him to their ship, Poe has an idea to try and stop them. Black Squadron forms up on Poe and concentrates all their fire on one particular spot on the ship’s shields. Weakening it, Poe is able to fire a shot that takes down the ships power.

Black Squadron does not leave unscathed. Jess’s propulsion system is gone and before its power went out, the First Order ship was able to fire a missile, which heads straight for the immobilised X-Wing. With nothing left to do, IVEE ejects herself out of the X-Wing and into the path of the missile, saving Jess. Meanwhile, the Resistance rescue team has been able to subdue the First Order forces and regain San Tekka. Calling in a new shuttle, the team return back to their base on D’Qar.

General Organa discusses with San Tekka the need for Luke to be back, to help stop the First Order. San Tekka explains that he doesn’t know where he is, but he does have his suspicions. He asks Leia for a ship so he can go investigate further and the promise that he will send word when he has a location.

Jess and BB-8 share a moment about IVEE, with Jess giving a processor of IVEE’s that was left behind on her X-Wing. BB-8 places it in Black One, with the thought that IVEE will always be flying with him. Karé and Snap quickly resolve their differences, so much so that we see them having a wedding ceremony. With the evening celebrations, San Tekka says goodbye to Poe, as he leaves to find the location of Luke Skywalker…

The Review:

In my last review I said I wanted dogfights, and boy did we get them, plus so much more. Although just one issue, as seems the way with Soule’s writing, there is an awful lot in here. The first thing that grabs your attention is the artwork. It has always been of a very high standard in this series, but the scenes in the nebula are incredible, as well as the dog fights that allow you to imagine exactly what is happening. The likenesses of all the characters are perfect and the attention to detail really sets the visuals apart from other series. I have always said the artwork is good, but this issue has outdone even itself.

Although the death of IVEE was predictable, the effect it had on BB-8 made the loss quite emotional. It also shows the emotional side of droids and that they too have feelings. To have this juxtaposed with the union of Karé and Snap was almost poetic and helps to show that although there is loss within the war, there is also happiness, however short lived. And perhaps that is the point, these pilots are putting their lives at risk every time they fly, they need to seize the chances to be happy while they can.

Another aspect of the issue I really enjoyed, was the way that Poe took down the First Order ship. The easy route would have been for Poe to be able to stop the ship just because he is that good. However, for Soule to explain that it is through C-3PO’s spy network that they’ve been able to find a weakness that Poe can exploit with his superior flying skills, seemed far more believable and authentic to the character.

My only gripe with the issue was the character of Lor San Tekka. At several points I thought was he perhaps a bit out of character? This doesn’t seem like Soule, who has written every character in his care perfectly, so surely something more must be going on. Now, him referring to Leia as ‘general’ seems a bit strange, particularly when he says to Poe in the Force Awakens that she is royalty. I think that one I may need to just let go. However, near the end of the issue he explains to Poe that the Jedi are not as important as Leia seems to think. This seems to be a bit at odds with his belief in The Force Awakens that, “Without the Jedi, there can be no peace.” What makes him change his view? Further to this, he tells Leia that he will contact her when he finds Luke’s location. We know that he doesn’t find the entire map, just part of it, with the rest being with R2-D2. So why does he contact Leia without the full piece? And does he know R2 has the rest of it? What seems more and more evident is that there is a missing piece to the story. This would make sense, if we hadn’t already been told that issue 26 shows the unseen events of The Force Awakens. I doubt that it will cover San Tekka’s search for Luke’s location or the answer to these questions. So when will they be answered?

All in all, a great conclusion to Legend Found. The artwork for this arc has been incredible and the depth to the story showcases the skill of Charles Soule at his best. I do worry that the next issues focused on The Force Awakens are happening a little too soon, there are a lot of questions following this story and with Episode IX not due for another 18 months, is there enough of a story to tell until then? However, the team on this series has done an amazing job so far, so trust in them I shall and hope that some answers may be coming next issue…


Poe Dameron is an ongoing series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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