Comic Review: Poe Dameron #24

Published: February 14, 2018
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciler: Angel Unzueta
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

The Synopsis:

Lor San Tekka has been captured… again! And it’s up to Black Squadron to save him. Meanwhile, Terex has his own plans in motion… to finally free himself from the grasp of the First Order!

The Story:

The fifth part of Legend Found opens on the hangar of The Raddus. Poe is looking at his wrecked, black x-wing with BB-8 when Leia tells Poe she needs to speak to Black Squadron. With the pilots assembled, Leia tells them that she has a tracking device in her mother’s dresses and as soon as the location comes through, she wants Black Squadron there to rescue Lor San Tekka.

On the stolen ship, Terex quickly ejects the dresses out of the ship while in hyperspace; in this way the Resistance will not be able to track him. Realising his implant is about to retake control, Terex shocks himself again in order to maintain control.

In their x-wings, Black Squadron await in space for the tracker signal to arrive. Karé and Snap open a private channel, saying that they will discuss their relationship when San Tekka has been rescued.

In the Unknown Regions, Terex exists hyperspace to be met by the Absolution. Once docked in the hangar, Terex is greeted by Captain Phasma who wants to know where San Tekka is. Terex explains that he will only give them his location if they remove the implants first. To add haste, he injects himself with a poison. With time against her, and Terex confirming that San Tekka doesn’t have much time, Phasma orders her troopers to take Terex to medical.

Back with the Resistance, Jessika informs Poe that there isn’t much time before the fuel in Leia’s stolen ship would have run out. Poe tells her as there is still time before that happens, then there is still hope.

In the medical bay of the Absolution, Terex’s implants have been removed. Before walking out, he tells Phasma he would like a set of armour, as he lost his set.

Realising their time is up, Black Squadron return to Leia aboard the Raddus. Thinking all is lost, a transmission comes in for Poe; it’s Terex. Explaining to Poe that he really doesn’t care anymore about the war, Terex informs him that the First Order know where San Tekka is and then gives the co-ordinates to Poe, telling him that he must hurry. The issue ends on a shot of Lor San Tekka floating in space in a suit…

The Review:

Last issue fell a little short of the mark for me, and it was with some worry that I began this issue. I needn’t have. Back on top form, Black Squadron were almost relegated to the side line in this issue to make way for the anti-hero, Terex.

One of the main problems I had with the previous issue, was Malarus’s response to her situation and not being a ‘good’ villain. From the word go in this issue, we see none of this with Terex. Knowing there must be a tracking device in with Amidala’s clothes, he ejects them. Knowing what the First Order is like, he doesn’t bring San Tekka to them. Going one step further, he injects himself with poison. What we have is someone who has nothing to lose but who also has his wits about him. In some stories, villains are portrayed as dumb and I always hate to see them treated like this. The best villains have something about them, they don’t hesitate or announce themselves for sheer glory and they do what needs to be done. This is Terex. He’s not fooling about and it sets his character up very well for the following issues. I just hope that this ‘smart’ villain continues for the rest of the story arc.

Although not the main focus this issue, the parts of Black Squadron were very well done. The explanation as to why Poe has two x-wings is good to see. Since The Force Awakens was released, it has always struck me as odd that Poe has more than one ship, but now we know why. The little bits of dialogue between Poe and BB-8 also help to build up their relationship, one that seems so strong by Episode VII. It’s also interesting to see this reoccurring theme of hope with Poe. This feeds in from the movies, but Poe always seems to be the optimist and always believes there is hope, even when there doesn’t seem to be any. I really hope for Episode IX we get to see more of this as to me this is what makes Poe the ideal candidate for the leader of the Resistance.

I feel this now goes without saying, but the artwork as always is exceptional. Just look at the preview pages if you need any proof!

A much stronger issue this week, and it is obvious that the story arc is building up to the climax. Having the switch in focus in characters has brought a welcome relief that I think this series needed and shows just how capable the main villain is. Next issue I expect to see plenty of dog fights and space battles! It’s good to see Poe Dameron back on top form and I can’t wait to see what Charles Soule has in store for us next…


Poe Dameron is an ongoing series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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