Comic Review: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple #5

Published: December 4, 2019
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Penciler: Paolo Villanelli and Ruairi Coleman
Colourist: Arif Prianto
Cover Artist:
Will Sliney

The synopsis;

ONE AGAINST A WORLD Jedi Master Eno Cordova will have to use all his wits and training if he hopes to survive the mysteries of the Dark Temple! Meanwhile Jedi Padawan Cere Junda strikes a blow in the hopes of ending the battle with the Daa Corporation’s army. But was it too late? If Cordova and Junda hope to survive they’re going to need to get off Ontotho. And they can’t do that alone! It all ends here! Read the shocking conclusion to the epic comic series featuring characters from the videogame STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER.

The review;

The final issue. There are a lot of questions unanswered, which I do hope Rosenberg gets to this issue, but then, I’m also aware that there will need to be some questions left to be answered by the game itself. As I’m having to wait for a certain jolly man to bring me my copy, I’m yet to play it, although I hear many great things. So, this review will be completely based on what I learn (or don’t) from this series. Will I get any answers?!

Rosenberg walked a very fine line for this series, finer than most comics. There will be people who will read this comic and not buy the game because they just want the story. There will be people who don’t usually read comics but have played the game and want to know more. And then there will be people who are reading the comic in preparation for the game. That’s a lot of different types of people to try and please and satisfy. Yet Rosenberg does a tremendous job of being able to provide for everyone. I have said in previous reviews about needing answers and hoping that we’ll get some. There are answers here, there is an explanation as to why the temple is special. But these answers by themselves aren’t enough. Rosenberg provides enough to be able to give us a satisfying ending but also hints that there is far more to it than what he can answer within the confines of the comic. Its beautifully done. I haven’t got to the end of this series feeling disappointed, I feel like I’ve had a worthwhile ending, yet I also want more, I want to play the game to find the rest of the answers. Rosenberg also uses Master Eno as our own voice, the one asking the questions we still want answered. It shows us that he is aware of these questions and that Eno is going to try and find the answers, that the game, will (god willing) answer them for us.

The artwork this issue is a great way to end the series. From the opening panel, the action flows effortlessly. Being a finale, there is a lot of action that the art needs to carry, and it does it well. You are never wondering what is going on or where it is heading. The wide panel shot of the Jedi Masters brought a smile to my face, as the impact of having four masters arriving on planet done so well.

And let me stay with the Jedi Masters. I was surprised to see four of them land on planet but very much liked that idea. In Revenge of the Sith, it is four masters who go to deal with Palpatine, so why not for other missions? It makes sense. My only slight niggle (and I don’t even know that I would elevate it to that), was that of Master Odu, who I felt could have walked around in a red shirt, as his fate seemed very obvious from the beginning. This is not a complaint really of this series, as anything set in this period always has the same problem. Those who live, we know about, so new characters have to be brought in, only to be sacrificed.

This has been a journey for Cere. It is hard for her to contemplate that the people she was trying to help only wanted war, that there was nothing she could really do, but it is clear from reading the first issue just how much she has grown. She still has a rash nature, but she is understanding that the world is not simply black and white, that there is a lot of grey. The character was rather annoying in the first issue (and rightfully so) and now I have come to appreciate her more. I do wonder what role she’ll play in the game and just how much of an impact she (and her master) have on the story.

This is the only issue where the ‘start’ with the Inquisitor was at the end. This simple changed worked so well, to really set you up for the game. Cere and Eno are clearly present, and we know that Eno wanted answers (don’t we all). What did he find? What can we learn through him in the game?

It’s an odd review to do when so much has been left in the air, but this series has been better than I could have hoped for. It is meant to gear me up for the game, and it certainly does that. Rosenberg has been able to provide a self-contained story that, if it’s all you want, works well as a tale of an adventure of a master and apprentice. If you want more though, it provides hints of where the new game will be going. I’ll be honest, it has me pretty excited! There’s lots of questions, as you can probably see from my review, that are left to be answered that will hopefully provide a whole different dimension to this comic, once I’ve played the game. It has been a joy to read and now I wait eagerly for Christmas morning and unwrapping those presents, so I can finish the tale…


Jedi Fallen Order – Dark Temple is a five-part series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic bookstores. This issue retails at $3.99.

Steve Galloway
Steve was 5 years old when he saw Star Wars for the first time during its first UK cinema release. He considers himself a first generation Star Wars fan and in his own words is a ‘Child of 77’.