Comic Review: Jedi Fallen Order – Dark Temple #3

Published: October 9, 2019
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Penciler: Paolo Villanelli
Colourist: Arif Prianto
Cover Artist: Will Sliney

The synopsis;

The battle for Ontotho is heating up, and JEDI PADAWAN CERE JUNDA finds herself right in the middle of it, fighting alongside the FYLAR FREEDOM FIGHTERS. But as Cere moves to help end the local war, she will come face to face with the last person she expects! What secrets lie in the hidden temple of Ontotho? The race is on to find out.

The review;

So far, this series has been a story of questions, none of which seem to get answered. At the heart of it all, is a temple, that we know nothing about…

Each comic in this series starts with present day and us, as the reader, following the Imperials as they look for something, led by (presumably) Seventh Sister (although recent pictures for the game have made me question this). These dark starts really set the tone and are the highlight of the issue for me. The scant amount of information, the gorgeous artwork, it all draws you in wanting to know more, to see more… and then we’re cast back into the past. It’s like an episode of Lost, full of wonder yet also of frustration.

As I predicted last issue, we see a return of master Cordova. I’m glad he’s back, as his relationship with Cere is something I want to see more of. Unfortunately, with how the story is structured, we didn’t get to see very much of it in this comic, though there is the promise of seeing more of this relationship in the next. It does allow Cere to still shine here, to show the choices she is making. Already we can see a far more mature padawan to the one that began this series. What I most like, and what we didn’t get to see much of in the films, is that although she is fighting, she still holds to her Jedi principles and doesn’t kill unless it’s needed. She is trying to defend a people who would otherwise be wiped out, but even so, she doesn’t compromise on doing the right thing.

For me, there is still a question of which side to believe, who is actually in the wrong and who isn’t showing their true colours. I’m reminded of the phrase, ‘one man’s freedom fighter is anothers terrorist’. There is a constant struggle for me as to the motives of both camps. We see Daa being very compassionate to his troops, yet also sending them against families and children. The Fylar appear to be doing this to save the temple yet is seems a bit too easy of an answer.

And all of this leads to the mystery of the temple. What is inside? What is so important? Without this knowledge, it is very difficult to judge either side. But the mystery of it, it’s wonderful, I’m sure better than what it actually is. I mentioned Lost earlier and it feels like that, what could be in the temple that is worth all of this, both in the past and the present. Three issues in, and we’re still none the wiser. Again, next issue promises answers… we shall see!

And I couldn’t do this review without mentioning En-Threelo. I love this droid. The humour he brings is excellent and I like we also get to see a compassionate side to him. My only complaint of this issue is that we didn’t get to see enough of him and I’m a little worried that next issue may see him fade into the background.

This series is a joy to read. There is mystery, intrigue and plenty of action. The fact this is supposed to lay groundwork for the new Star Wars game out in November is even better. I want to play the game to see how it fits in, but I also want to finish the series because I need to know what this temple is all about. It has felt like another week of teasing, of references to the temple, of images of the temple, but never actually being able to grasp what the temple is all about. Although the comic promises several reveals next issue, I’m loathed to believe. And in Rosenberg’s favour, I can’t say I blame him for keeping it a secret. It keeps me coming back for more and more. With great artwork from Villanelli, this series is sure to whet your appetite for the next game release, only a month away…


Jedi Fallen Order – Dark Temple is a five-part series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic bookstores. This issue retails at $3.99.