Comic Review: Jedi Fallen Order – Dark Temple #2

Published: September 25, 2019
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Penciler: Paolo Villanelli
Cover Artist: Paolo Villanelli

The synopsis;

Following a sudden ambush in the jungles of Ontotho, Young Padawan Cere Junda is left to find her own way on a hostile planet. But local freedom fighters are happy to take Cere Junda in – if she will fight by their side!

The review;

The first issue of this series saw a very strong comic, lots of introductions and lots of mystery. To say I’ve been eager for this second part would be an understatement!

The issue starts just like the previous one, with the present (or a flash forward, depending on your point of view). We watch Seventh Sister doing battle with someone we don’t know, although after reading the issue, I do wonder if it is Neralli. There is enough in this introduction to whet the appetite, but my goodness does it leave you wanting more. The Sister is looking for the temple that is the main focus of the story but as with everything else, it is completely surrounded in mystery. Having these teasers, having these clues to where the story will head, captivates me completely.

I have mentioned the mysteries and for me, this is what makes this series such an enjoyable read. There is the mystery of the temple, which we know nothing about. Yet the mystery that is the real driving force in this issue is who is on which side. Reading this issue, you are never sure who are the ‘good’ guys and who are the ‘bad’ guys. Although it would seem that the Daa and the government are the enemies, Rosenberg has made it clear in both issues that Junda is very reckless, that she acts before she thinks. Although she sees evidence that supports the view that Daa and the government are evil, I do wonder if she has been played by the other side.

Last issue, we saw Junda with her master, yet this issue we really get to see how she acts by herself. As mentioned, she is rash, although as we (the reader) don’t know much of the situation, we can understand better why she is making such quick decisions based on what she knows. I do find it interesting that she is very quick to judge others, seemingly for the same faults she also possesses. Rosenberg does a good job of showing how this character still has a lot to learn.

However, the star of the show for me was En-Threelo. For Star Wars to be Star Wars there has to be a droid and Rosenberg has written a cracking one. I always worry if a writer will go down the prequel Threepio route, and N-3 certainly does bring the humour to the story. But rather than him being the joke, he is the sarcastic character that brings some sense and blatant talk to the story. It is very refreshing and seems to come out of nowhere. I have a feeling he’s going to very quickly become a fan favourite.

Villanelli does a good job with the artwork. It’s maybe not as crisp as I like it, but it flows well. With so much action, he is able to guide the story well so the reader can follow along. I do wonder if having an artist that leaves room for interpretation was intentional, as particularly with the character fighting the Seventh Sister at the start of the story, you’re never too sure if this is Neralli or someone else.

This series is getting better and better. There are a lot of unanswered questions that I’m dying to know the answer to. Cordova is a master I would like to get to know more, and I have a sneaky feeling we may seem more of him as everyone is presuming (but doesn’t know) he’s dead. But this issue has given Junda a chance to shine, as well as allowing for a quicker pace because the character is far too eager to rush to conclusions. The writing and art complement each other, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the next few weeks…. although I’m going to guess even more questions and a lack of answers…


Jedi Fallen Order – Dark Temple is a five-part series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic bookstores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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