Comic Review: Darth Vader (2017) #22

Published: October 17, 2018
Rating: Rated T
Written by:  Charles Soule
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Cover by: Giuseppe Camuncoli 

The synopsis;

“FORTRESS VADER” continues! The Tale of LORD MOMIN! Plans are drawn…a foundation is laid…and darkness rises on MUSTAFAR!

The story;

Vader take Momin’s mask to the sith cave and holds it above the alter, he asks who is in the mask.

Momin recites the story of his childhood, he was a creator of genius and used many unconventional parts for his creations. Seen a s danger he was imprisoned but rescued by Shaa and she took Momin as her apprentice. He learnt many things, but eventually struck down his master. He continued to study the lore of the dark side and became more powerful and thirsty for truth and art. Jedi hunted him down and he lost control of his dark powers in the battle. Although his mortal being was destroyed, his conscious self-had melded with his mask.

Vader put on the mask and immediately throws it off. He leaves the cave and enters the lava flows. 2 lava bugs and their riders spot Vader and they come under attack. Vader strikes them down until only one rider remains. He removes the riders mask with the force and put’s Momin’s there in its place.

Momin once again has a mortal body of his own. Vader wants him to build the castle he influenced the dead Imperial architect to design. Momin tried to refuse, but Vader warns of a painful death if he is betrayed. Momin agrees to build a masterpiece.

The Review;

The direct edition cover by Giuseppe Camuncolli seems to be a play on Hamlet. Vader holding the mask of Momin as Yorick’s skull is held in the Shakespeare play. For me this is one of the best covers in recent months. The level of detail in the art and it’s colouring is quite something, if not spectacular. The variant is 30/36 from the Galactic Icon series from Rod Reis and features ‘Jabba the Hutt: Crime Lord. Again, this is another strong cover added to what has been an excellent series so far.

Well, I got my wish, Vader did use Momin’s mask. Unfortunately, it was only for a fleeting moment, but it was obvious that Momin was a very powerful and even sadistic being. I sensed fear in Vader when he donned the mask, but I think he realised that a mortal form of Momin would be weaker. Momin has already failed to control the immense power he was channelling from the dark side in his mortal form, so I assume this is where Vader saw the opportunity to make him his architect.

The design and construction of Vader has always been a mystery. With Rogue One, we saw it in its full splendour for the first time, but how was it constructed? It will be interesting to see how this pans out in the coming issues.

Again, and again, I have tried to look for negatives in every issue, but it is just too hard. The standard of each issue from cover to cover is of the highest order and although the story line may weaken slightly for one issue, it is backed up by the rest of the issues when you take the story arc into consideration

I must admit I was disappointed that this series will now end at issue 25. I have never got tired of reading this series, each issue seems to bring up a surprise and unlocks so much about Vader that we have never known. To write in this manner takes some skill, I know Charles Soule has announced this was the plan from the start, but I am so sad that we will not have his work to look forward to for a while and it is now tempting me to start following his other work away from Star Wars just to see what he does there. With the end of the Poe Dameron series too, I really do hope he returns to the fold in the not too distant future.

But, in saying that, we have another 3 issues to go before we have to say our farewells, so let’s enjoy the ride he has set out for us.


This issue was released on 17th October 2018 and is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $4.99.