Comic Review: Age of Rebellion – Han Solo #1

Published: May 1st, 2019
Rated: T
Writer: Greg Pak
Penciler: Chris Sprouse
Cover Artist: Terry & Rachel Dodson

The synopsis;

The heroic Rebel Alliance has recently won its first great victory against the evil Galactic Empire… thanks to the infamous smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee companion, Chewbacca. At Least, that’s the way HE sees it! It’s time to cut and run and return to their roguish ways…

The story;

Balnab. The Mid Rim.

Han Solo and Chewbacca are on the Millennium Falcon counting their reward. It has now been converted into 17,000 Imperial credits. Han says they can use to it to repair and upgrade the Falcon, but then where can they go. He activates a star map as Luke Skywalker boards. Han asks him if he’s ready to give Rebel life, but Luke laughs. In return he asks Han for a favour to drop some supplies to another Rebel base. Han initially refuses, but Luke, joined by Chewie persuade him to take the job. 2 Rebel pilots appear and load the cargo as soon as he agrees.

Balnab Spaceport.

Han and Chewie are in the spaceport cantina. Han recognises some smuggler friends getting into a bit of a tussle with some Rebel’s. The tussle breaks into a fight and Han steps in to break it up. The Rebel’s respect Han and stand down calling him ‘Sir’ as they apologise and leave. The smugglers cotton on to this and ask of Han’s status in the Rebellion. He denies it all and gets reacquainted with his old friends. As the drinks flow, the smugglers try and entice Han and Chewie to join the smugglers on a well-paid job. They refuse and continue with their drinking.

4 Hours Later.

All of them are drunk, they have staggered back to the Falcon and using it as a makeshift dormitory for the smugglers. Han and Chewie discuss the job they’ve been offered and decides to take it.

Troiken. The Outer Rim.

The make planetfall and unload the cargo. Payment is made, and Han wants to make an immediate return to Balnab. There was Imperial comm chatter on the way in and he’s concerned that may be scouting the area. It is a Xento custom to socialise with the people you are dealing with and request they all stay for a meal. Reluctantly Han agrees and stays with them.

The after-meal celebrations get a little rowdy and some of the smugglers start letting off their weapons. Han urges them to stop but is ignored as one of them uses a rocket launcher. The explosion in the sky is seen by the local Imperial Garrison and they head to find the cause.

The Imperial’s raid the area as Han and Chewie manage to slip away. The smugglers are all captured and on returning to the Falcon an appeal over Han’s comm for help is received. Han returns to them, but on the way jettisons the cargo he is carrying for Luke into the jungle below and plots its location. A bribe paid to the Imperial’s is the answer, but that is the profit from this job gone.

Han and Chewie return the smugglers to the spaceport and decide to return to collect their abandoned cargo. On locating it, they find they are not alone. Local inhabitants with weapons stop them retrieving the cargo. Han offers them money, but they ask for more and he agrees. All their money now gone, they load the cargo and head for its destination.

Calumdarian. The Expansion Region.

The Falcon lands and cargo from Luke is unloaded to the Rebels. The Rebel leader asks Han to take another mission, but he refuses. Chewie argues with him and again he reluctantly agrees, but this is his last favour for anyone!

The review;

6 covers this time around and boy, oh boy, is it a difficult week to call for my favourite.

The direct edition is a continuation of the Terry and Rachel Dodson series and I really do like these. Nice fresh artwork with a Millennium Falcon background, really nice! The Lucasfilm movie still is one of the better ones we’ve seen recently, but still not for my taste. Then we have the Mike McKone and Guru-eFX team up on the next puzzle piece. As I’ve said before, if you collect these, you need to frame each series together. If you have done so, please feel free to send me a picture of it.

Ok, now we start to get serious, with a Ralph McQuarrie concept. As concept art goes, you don’t get any cooler than a McQuarrie, so for me a great cover. Galactic Moment number 14 is brought to us by Yasmine Putri and I must say this is a close second to my cover of choice this issue. A really brilliant piece of art of Luke and Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back and so well detailed.

But the winner this issue is Gerard Parel. Wow, just wow! All the heroes for this series on one page and it’s just stunning. I believe this is to be the cover for the trade paperback for the ‘Heroes’ stories, and a great choice that is.

Greg Pak has done a brilliant job on this series so far, and this issue does not drop in quality of story. We all know that Han, despite his persona, is a bit of a softy and a Rebel at heart. Easily persuaded by Chewie, Luke or anyone else, he can be trusted to do the right thing and is more honourable than he’d like you to think. Pak really gets this over too.

The title ‘Running from the Rebellion’ is very apt, and although he tries to keep distancing himself from it all, somehow, he keeps coming back for ‘one last favour’. To make this story, the jobs were always going to have to go south. Once Han gets involved with his old smuggler friends, it wasn’t going to end well. In the end we find Han and Chewie pot less and still running Rebel errands for the greater cause and we all know how that ends.

The artwork in this issue is very good. Chris Sproule, with Karl Story on inks and Tamra Bonvillain (Love that name!) on colours they really bring the story to life. They’ve complimented each other’s work so well and done a magnificent job.

To finish off the issue, Glenn Greenberg brings us ‘A Solo Flight’ with his take on the inner working of our hero.

Another great issue with solid story backed up by excellent artwork. What more can anyone ask for? Now, next issue is the king of bounty hunters himself, Boba Fett! I am really interested where this one goes next.


This issue was released on 1st May 2019 and is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.