Comic Review: Age of Rebellion – Princess Leia (2019) #1

Published: April 10, 2019
Writer: Glenn Greenberg, Greg Pak
Penciler: Chris Sprouse
Cover Artist: Terry Dodson

The synopsis;

BOUNTY HUNTER PRINCESS! With HAN SOLO frozen in carbonite in the palace of JABBA THE HUTT, PRINCESS LEIA prepares for a daring rescue by taking on the identity of the bounty hunter BOUSHH. But in order to succeed, she’ll have to prove herself in her new identity to the ruthless bounty hunter BOSSK! With her life and all of her principles on the line, how far will Leia go to rescue a scoundrel? Co-starring CHEWBACCA and LANDO, who almost certainly have a bad feeling about this!

The story;

On board the Millennium Falcon, Princess Leia inspects her weaponry and calls to Chewie in the cockpit to find out where the ammo charges are kept. She proceeds to the room, which was Han´s and finds them. Gazing at the bed she sees a pillow and Han´s vest, but picks up pillow to hold it close, she can smell his scent on it. Chewie appears at the door and she realises the pillow belongs to the Wookiee! They both miss him dearly. The comm chimes and Evaan, command is diverting them from their route to Tatooine to Arkanis. A Rebel ship has been shot down by a bounty hunter and needs their help.

Lando Calrissian flees, dodging blaster fire as he runs into the bounty hunter Boushh, who makes quick work of disarming him and putting him to the floor. Staff held at Lando´s throat, the bounty hunter removes their helmet. Leia reveals herself from her disguise, Lando had believed he was up against the bounty hunter all along. She stole the outfit from the bounty hunter on Ord Mantell and this was disguise to get in to Jabba´s palace. If it fooled Lando, it would work there too, but she is still angry at Lando for what has happened to Han and rescuing him has diverted them from that mission.

A wail from in the distance, Chewie is in trouble. 2 bounty hunters have caught him and load him onto a ship. Lando and Leia get there in time to see their craft take off.

The craft lands and they unload their bounty to a familiar Trandoshan in the shape of Bossk. Above them Lando and Leia look on and plot their next move.

The bounty hunters are drinking in the space port cantina while Bossk stands at the bar, his pride slumped by his feet. Boushh walks in through the door and moves towards Bossk. Boushh thought he was hunting Calrissian, not the Wookiee he is a bonus in this hunt, Calrissian can come later. Boushh turns to walk away and says that they will meet again on Tatooine. Suspicious of Boushh´s intentions he orders the other to find out what he´s up to.

Boushh and Calrissian sit next to camp fire and Lando is tied up. Suddenly blaster fire rings out, but Leia is too quick and retaliates instantly catching the enemy with stun ropes. His companions disabled and out fo the game, Bossk attacks. Leia pins him with blaster fire, but the shots are off target, mush to his amusement. Then without warning the rocks around him collapse and holds him fast. Leia bargains for the Wookiee in a swap for his colleagues. They have freed themselves and more blaster fire rings out, Leia reacts and takes them both out. Calrissian tries to escape and Leia tackles him to the ground and fires a blaster bolt into his chest. Bounty gone and his colleagues injured, Bossk agrees to handover Chewie.

The 3 of them are reunited. Lando was completely convinced in Leia´s actions disguised as Boushh, but that was all down to her having some scoundrel in her.

The review;

Okay, who at Marvel decided it was a good week to start a series with a double header? I must admit to having a little panic on when I realised I’d got 2 issues from the same series to review in a week! So, here goes with part 1.

One thing isn’t changing with the new series and that is cover variants! 5 this time out, and there are 3 stand out covers.

The direct edition cover from Terry & Rachel Dodson is brilliant. The crossover from the Padme look onto Leia and the ‘scoundrel’ pose, really brings the cover to life. Then there’s the Elia Bonetti and Giuseppe Camuncoli team up to bring us a collage of the main characters to be covered in the series. Some excellent likenesses on this cover and the colouring is fantastic. Now, I’ve never been too phased by the concept covers, but this issue is different. The artwork from Paul LeBlanc is beautiful. Detail of the highest order and the best concept cover choice so far.

Then we go to the Mike McKone and Guru-eFX Puzzle Piece. In the same format as the Age of Republic puzzle covers, it’s another set for framing. Then there’s the Lucasfilm movie cover. I know some are fans of these, but I don’t think they offer anything different to what we can already find.

Well, another positive start to the second phase of the ‘Age of…’ series. This time the primary writer is Greg Pak, with Jody Houser moving on to the new TIE Fighter title out this week. For this issue he has been teamed up with Glenn Greenberg and I must say I enjoyed it.

The introduction of Lando and Bossk into the story was a good idea. I think we all like a bounty hunters and they are an interesting proposition to write for. They’re cunning and manipulative, but their flaws are there to be seen when things go wrong. This is explored with Bossk and his colleagues capturing Chewie while on the hunt for Lando.

The relationship between Leia and Lando is still fraught. I like that it is obvious she hasn’t forgiven him for his double cross on Cloud City, but it shows she knows that working with Lando will get her Han back. At the end The Empire Strikes Back, when Leia bids farewell to Lando and Chewie, it all seems slightly; err, well… slightly false! She has seen Han taken from her by a double crossing scoundrel and she is just too nice to him. Maybe that was the diplomat coming out in her, but I like this version of Leia better.

There is one very minor downside for me. It is a storyline that treads on the toes, ever so slightly, on one of my favourite ‘Legends’ novels in Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry. The origin of Leia disguising herself as Boushh and the journey to Tatooine for our heroes to rescue Han Solo from Jabba was sort of established in this novel, but it does slot in quite well with it too.

All the artwork and colouring is really good and this really helps the flow of the story, upholding the deception of Leia when she is disguised as Boushh.

I really enjoyed the ‘Our Princess, Our Hero’ summary from Bria LaVorgna. Princess Leia was brought to life by a larger than life person. I don’t seem to be able to read articles like this, while they concentrate on the character, but I always end up thinking about Carrie Fisher and her dry wit and humour.

A good solid start to the new series, so let us see what Tarkin is up to.


This issue was released on 10th April 2019 and is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.