Comic Review: Age Of Republic – Jango Fett #1

Published: January 9, 2019
Jody Houser
Luke Ross
Cover Artist:
Paolo Rivera

The synopsis;

THE MOST FEARED BOUNTY HUNTER IN THE GALAXY! JANGO FETT’S reputation precedes him as he joins a crew for what seems like a simple job. Wait, is that a KID with him?! Will his fellow bounty hunters be foolish enough to betray Jango and his son, BOBA FETT?

The story;

On the planet Telerath, 3 bounty hunters in a cantina are waiting for the 4th and newest member of their team. He is said to be already in the employ of a mystery client with steady work and well paid, but he must still have the itch. As they are about to purchase another round, Jango Fett approaches their table. Neelda, the Rodian, introduces himself and his colleagues, Tiver and Rinn. From behind Jango steps a small figure, his son Boba. The 3 bounty hunters are alarmed, but Jango introduces him and announces he will be joining them.

They depart together and Boba questions Jango on Slave I, why are they working with these bounty hunters. He insists that Cad Bane, Aura Sing or Zam Wesell would be better partners, but Jango wants him to learn about working with people he doesn’t know.

Jango remembers his meeting with Darth Tyranus, years before on the moons of Bogden. A grand army of the Republic, built in his image would provide him with a legacy, Tyranus boasted, but they would only be cannon fodder to Jango. The deal was done. The Kaminoan’s to have regular access to his genetic template, for him to be based on Kamino, his pay, but ultimately this wasn’t enough. Jango asked for something more.

They arrive on Ord Mantell and find their mark quiet soon. On a cantina balcony, she is found, a Twi’lek who has run away to be with her Falleen lover. His uncle has connection in Black Sun and can help their escape, but Boba and the bounty hunters have other ideas. Her lover is released, they are only here to return the girl to her father. He runs, but she backs away and climbs the barrier of the balcony to stand on top of it.

She falls from her perch, then from below Jango swoops in on his rocket pack and catches her mid fall. He stuns her with his blaster and lands on the balcony. The other bounty hunters are impressed.

Job done, they head back to their ships to collect their payment. Rinn jumps Boba from behind, knocking his blaster away and holds 2 swords to his throat. Neelda questions his actions, but Tiver backs Rinn up. Rinn threatens to gut Boba like a Ghest if he doesn’t give them his share, Jango turns his back and walks away. A shot hits Rinn from close quarters and she drops to the floor. Boba has a concealed blaster, turns sharply and shoots Tiver’s blaster from his hand and then in the leg and he collapses kneeling in agony. Boba walks up to him and thanks him for the target practice before firing the final kill shot.

Neelda hands Boba his blaster back and pleads his innocence. Jango asks Boba what his next action will be. He points the blaster at Neelda, he will forfeit his share in the job, but he will not kill him and he is released.

Back on Slave I, Jango is surprised that Boba let the Rodian go. He didn’t fell that he was part of the plan, but that’s not the only reason. Boba wants Neelda to tell other bounty hunter of what happened and this will raise their reputations. Jango is proud of his son and this has been a great start to his own legacy.

The review;

Now this is becoming an expensive game. 6 variant covers this week again, but for me this week’s aren’t up to the same standard as the last few weeks. For me the stand out is the Paolo Rivera direct edition cover. On the same lines as all the direct edition covers, but I found this was the most attractive of those released.

We have another Lucasfilm movie still and the fourth puzzle piece from Guru-eFX and McKone. Lee has given us a cover very similar to a pose from the Qui-Gon Jinn variants, while Doug Chiang’s concept art gets an airing and there is another collaborative piece from Aburtov and Yu.

Well, this is another issue that I really liked. Jody Houser manages to fill in a few little gaps and gives nods to events pre Jango being cloned on Kamino. It also explains why he lives on Kamino when Obi-Wan is in search of him in Attack of the Clones. The meeting with Tyranus on Bogden is a great addition, while it doesn’t over embellish the full ins and outs of why Jango was chosen, it gives us that little filler detail that we need. Hopefully the Count Dooku issue will give us that answer.

After Obi-Wan, Boba Fett is my next favourite character, so to see his first ‘job’ as such is a nice touch. His reputation around the galaxy strikes fear in to those who come under his radar and we get to see why. Boba has always been made out to be a ruthless bounty hunter, but I’ve always felt that he did have a moral compass and this storyline gives us a glimpse of that being born.

Artwork as usual for Luke Ross is amazing. The only slight criticism is that Jango’s rocket on his backpack disappears at times when I thought that it should be in view. No doubt someone will tell me different about angles and all that stuff, but I didn’t let it detract from how good this issue is.

The Age of Republic series has been something very different. I was very wary at the start, but so far, so good. With the news around from Marvel looks like even though we are only half way through this series, we are going to be treated to a series in the same ilk called Age of Rebellion later this year.

Next up we have a ‘special’ issue with 3 short stories, so let’s now see where this one takes us.


This issue was released on 9th January 2019 and is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.