Comic Review: Age of Rebellion – Boba Fett #1

Published: May 8th, 2019
Rated: T
Writer: Greg Pak
Penciler: Marc Laming
Cover Artist: Terry & Rachel Dodson

The synopsis;

Criminals across the galaxy tremble at the mere mention of the name… Boba Fett. He is a bounty hunter without equal! What drives the man behind the Mandalorian mask?

The story;

Carajam. Outer Rim.

A female human is pleading for Zingo not to kill her. She knows his name and that is reason enough. On the horizon a mounted figure approaches, Zingo prepares to flee as he fears the he could be there for him. Boba Fett riding on a mechanical beast passes them by, they notice a Rebel pilot lay over its hind quarters, he already has his bounty, and Zingo is safe!

In the local cantina, Fett drops off his bounty. Then decides to choose his next mission, he selects from the long list a familiar face, Zingo. The fee is a 100,000 credits, another bounty hunter calls to take the bounty then realises he is up against Fett and realising his mistake, he offers to buy him a drink to apologise. Silently, he turns for the exit, his next quarry selected.

Zingo and Turfitch are in a cave on the edge of the ‘Death Plains’. They have heard that Fett is on his tail after picking up his marker. They are to cross the desert to meet the Xan sisters, but their water supply is limited. Zingo shoots Turfitch and removes his water bottle, he now has enough water for him to cross the plains n his own.

A figure approaches Turfitch, he is barely alive, but he begs for water. A water bottle is put to his lips and he realises it is Fett. He tells Fett of Zingo’s plans and asks him if he will kill Zingo, but he does not need an answer as he knows he will. Fett stands and looks through his macro binoculars and sees Zingo in the distance. Taking aim, he shoots catching his shoulder and wounding him. Turfitch laughs then draws his last breath.

Zingo makes the next village, he contacts the Xan sisters, but they were not aware he had unfinished business. They will be waiting for him in the port at Danan Karr, but only after her has tied off his loose ends. To the disbelief of the villagers, he has crossed the plains alone, but then he picks them off one by one.

Nightfall, and Fett approaches from across the plains walking straight into the village. He sees the bodies of the villagers and then survivors tied to posts begging for his help. He knows that Zingo is still here, so he fires his carbine into the air to announce his arrival.

From a window, Zingo calls to him to enter the building to talk. He approaches with caution as Zingo tells of why he has a bounty on his head. He was told a bounty he was after himself was was wanted, but his instructions said dead, but the actual instruction was alive. He was double crossed and the Empire never paid on the bounty. Because of this, he is now the hunted, but offers Fett 3 times what the Bounty Hunters Guild is offering for him. He can accept or fight him.

Fett burst into the building to find a comm link and a thermal detonator which explodes. As the explosion rips through the building, Fett activates his rocket pack and flies clear of the blast. Zingo starts firing from his hiding place, but Fett counters by firing a rocket at him. Zingo. Takes cover, but Fett is already there landing with his feet in his chest.

Zingo says his offer still stands, but cannot reach his weapon, Fett reacts and kicks it to him. Zingo makes a grab for it and single shot echoes out. Captive villagers now released look on as Fett drags the body of Zingo behind him, leaving the village behind calling out their thanks.

Heading into the cantina, a man thanks Fett for saving his sisters life, he wants to buy him a drink and discuss a job he has for him. Local marauders and criminals are blighting their lives, he asks Fett for his help. Fett turn to him and declines, he only hunts bounties.

The review;

Only 4 variants this week, but again it’s a difficult week to pick a favourite. So, let’s start with the direct edition. I must say ‘I love it!’ Again, it’s by Terry and Rachel Dodson, it shows Fett in an iconic pose, but looking bad ass enough to make you know how dangerous he is. The Lucasfilm movie cover this issue is the strongest so far. Another iconic image of Fett on Bespin waiting for Han Solo to be dipped in the carbon freezer. Mike McKone and Guru-eFX have another great pose of Fett, backed by Slave I. I think this is also the best puzzle piece so far for this series too. Then finally, we have a piece of Ralph McQuarrie concept art. This shows the early shape of how Boba was to look and a helmet that has since made it into canon through Obi-Wan wearing it during ‘The Clone Wars’ animated series.

I may be slightly biased with this review as alongside Obi-Wan, the mercurial Boba Fett is another firm favourite of mine. I’ll come to the story second, because I want to talk about the artwork first. The only way I can summarise that is by saying ‘it’s awesome!’ Marc Laming has done an unbelievably good job on this one. He has been teasing us via social media for weeks, and the development of various frames from pencils to inks has been very educative, but the final product is first class. The colour artist Neeraj Menon has also helped bring the page alive and added so much depth to it. Laming is already teasing us with his art for Target Vader and this is getting me so stoked for that series already! In saying that, we still have more to come in this series too from him.

From the nature of this series so far, Greg Pak has a fantastic way of writing for characters of this period of the Star Wars Galaxy. The stories so far, can be related to and makes me immediately feel at home with each character. In some ways, his writing is comfortable and fits so well, just like that old pair of slippers you don’t want to throw away. I do have a small criticism of this issues story in I thought it was slightly predictable. Maybe that comfort thing was just a little too comfortable this time around.

But don’t let that detract from the comic at all. It’s a solid Boba Fett story, and for all his fans it’s great to see the bounty hunter in action. If I remember correctly, since 2015, this is his first proper outing.

I would probably like to have seen the stories link in with actual movie events or interacted with each other a bit, but after having initial doubts about these ‘Age of…’ series of one-shots, my opinions have been turned around. I am now really enjoying each issue.

I also think that review/summary pieces each week are really good, but this weeks is great, as Bria LaVorgna brings her spin on Boba Fett. Pak has now been ‘promoted’ to Star Wars from issue 68 onwards and teaming up with Phil Noto, that is going to be an awesome duo.

Next up is Lando Calrissian. So, let’s see what the Baron Administrator of Bespin is up to.


This issue was released on 8th May 2019 and is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.