Comic Review: Allegiance #3

Published: October 23rd, 2019
Rating: T
Writer: Ethan Sacks
Penciler: Luke Ross
Colourist: Lee Loughridge
Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto

The synopsis;

BEFORE THE EXCITING EVENTS OF STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER! Decades after Imperial occupation enslaved their planet, there are those willing to stop at nothing to prevent another war from bloodying the waters of Mon Cala.

The review;

Another week, and yet another incredible direct cover from Checchetto. Finn looks ready for action sporting his new longer haircut and that scoundrel-pose really suits Poe. The two cool colour tones are also very striking, graduating from red to purple across the cover. Mckone’s variant uses one of the action moments from this story and it’s very dynamic, with the worried expressions on Leia and Rose in the background really adding to the overall sense of danger.

Allegiance #2 left fans with questions and cliffhangers, and while Allegiance #3 does go some way in providing answers, it’s definitely building up the tension for next week’s finale. It is action from front to back and flows so quickly that you’ve read the entire comic before you even realise it.

Last week Rey, Rose and Chewie ended up in a brawl with the rioting inhabitants of Dac City who wanted nothing to do with the Resistance. This issue opens up with the three arrested and Leia desperately trying to win over Mon Cala’s Court of Justice so that she can have them released. Leia’s arguments are totally fair and as a reader you really want to shout some reasoning at the cunning Quarren who are so blinded by the past. Almost all of the Allegiance series has had similarities to other Star Wars plots based around Mon Cala, and these ‘courtroom’ scenes are reminiscent of Padmé’s negotiations during “Water War” from Season 4 of The Clone Wars.

Throughout this series Sacks has been writing Rey slightly differently than to how she is on-screen, and although she’s still acting a little rashly in this story, he finally brings back the Rey with which fans are familiar. After taking on the Mon Calamari’s sacred rite of challenge, Rey gets some sense knocked into her quite literally and realises her mistakes. It’s almost as if she just went a little rogue without a teacher to guide her, or simply had to get her frustrations out of her system and needed this reality check.

Fans get to see more of Aftab in Allegiance #3 and it is possible to discern some of his father in the young Mon Calamari’s personality. He’s a calm presence with the hints of a budding strategist. Sacks writes Leia and Aftab together in a very touching moment where she tries to comfort him after negotiations completely fail, and readers get to see Leia as far more motherly rather than as a general. It will be interesting to find out what Aftab may choose next week – loyalty to Mon Cala, or allegiance to the Resistance?

All of the scenes on the Moon of Avedot are a real treat to read as Finn’s quickly made escape plan starts to fall to pieces with hilarious results. His false bravado also adds to the funniness, whilst being endearing at the same time. Ross’s artwork of these scenes is absolutely fantastic, especially when Poe and BB-8 are trying to hide from the bounty hunters, so there is very little dialogue, and yet Ross conveys the tension via body-language alone. Then Ross has fun changing the Clawdite bounty hunter, Remex, from one huge alien species to another as he attempts to capture Finn. Unfortunately, things don’t end well for the ex-stormtrooper, so it’s likely going to be up to Poe to save the day and blow things to pieces next week.

Allegiance #3 ends with a bang and creates even more dreaded cliffhangers! Between Finn and Poe’s escape going awry, sabotage on Mon Cala endangering our heroes and the First Order on their way, it’s going to be extremely exciting to see how Sacks will tie it all up in only one more issue.


Star Wars: Allegiance #3 was published October 23rd, 2019 by Marvel Comics. This issue is available via The Marvel App and from all good comic bookstores and retails at $3.99.

Kat Rees-Jauke
It was LEGO that got Kat into Star Wars in 2015. After spontaneously buying the LEGO 10188 Death Star set, she finally decided to watch the Original Trilogy and from then on was completely absorbed into a galaxy far, far away. On a very early December morning, Kat got to see her first Star Wars film in the cinema and The Force Awakens still holds a special place in her heart. With this new era of content also came her favourite character – Kylo Ren.