Book Review: The Secrets of the Jedi by Marc Sumarek

Author: Marc Sumarek
Insight Kids
Formats available: Hardback
Illustrator: Sergio Gómez Silvan
Pages: 32
RRP: $24.99
Release date: November 12, 2019

The synopsis;

Star Wars: The Secrets of the Jedi is the ultimate in-universe guide to the world of the Jedi, transporting young readers to a galaxy far, far away through interactive features, fascinating facts, and captivating insights. With thrilling original illustrations and amazing special features including lift-the-flaps, textures, and more, Star Wars: The Secrets of the Jedi is guaranteed to thrill the saga’s legions of young fans.

The review;

The artwork for the cover is very highly detailed and beautifully put together. All the Jedi laid out before you, but it’s not this for me that grabbed my attention. What did grab me was the use of colours. I found that the artworks depth was accentuated by the colours and they way that they are blended.

I have already waxed lyrical about the cover, but this book while short on pages, is not short on illustrations. Sergio Gómez Silvan has done some amazing work throughout the book. Every page has beautiful illustrations in the same tone as the cover.

The book is supplemented by fold outs and interactive sections, which takes the book toward another dimension. The fold outs are varied ranging from the basics of lightsaber duelling, a 3D pop-up of a holocron and a note from Master Yoda to Master Sinn about Anakin passing his tests. But the one thing I really do like is that the book comes with an Aurebesh alphabet. This is for the reader to unlock the wisdom of the Jedi Order by translating the quotes found within the book.

That only leaves the actual written content to look at. Insight Kids have given us a book that is aimed at the younger generation of the Star Wars fans, but as an adult reader, I did find this book quite interesting.

Marc Sumarek has written this book from the perspective of a journal kept by Luke Skywalker. We have seen this format used before and in most cases is highly successful. I am pleased to say, that this is no exception. The depth of detail is very good, but it could be seen as basic. This is countered by it being a journal. If you sit and watch all the episodes of The Clone Wars or Rebels, you will likely glean more knowledge of lesser known Jedi, like Ezra Bridger and Shaak-Ti.

But don’t forget who this book is aimed at. The knowledge imparted is concise, accurate and sets out and adequate enough background for someone being introduced to the wider galaxy of Star Wars. It is all set at the correct level for the younger generation, but still has a little something in there for the older generations.

Sumarek, Gómez and Insight Kids have brought us a real gem of a book and it is well worth a read. It may even help you brush up on your own Aurebesh skills.


Star Wars: The Secrets of the Jedi by Marc Sumarek is published by Insight Kids. It retails at $24.99 and was released on November 12, 2019. It is available from Amazon and all bookstores online and on your high street.

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Steve Galloway
Steve was 5 years old when he saw Star Wars for the first time during its first UK cinema release. He considers himself a first generation Star Wars fan and in his own words is a ‘Child of 77’.